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    37 Fun Things You Don't Need But Will Probably Want Anyway

    I don't need any of these things, but I also can't live without them.

    1. This desk ornament isn't just decorative – it's actually a functional weather predictor. Inside the cloud are delicate little crystals that change when the weather does!

    2. This powder that's literal magic transforms fire into a multicoloured spectacle. Bonfire parties just got way more fun!

    3. Peer into the future with these stunning tarot cards that have holographic edges.

    4. These set of six clip-on lenses will transform your smartphone into a professional-grade camera.

    5. There's no bones about it, this dinosaur necklace is the greatest piece of jewellery ever designed.

    6. These rainbow sticky notes will take your stationery from Kansas to Oz.

    7. Up your Insta-game with this gorgeous prism. It's also a really great desk decoration!

    8. This glittery mermaid tears vodka can be mixed into cocktails or served straight!

    9. Some sheer socks that will add a sophisticated element to any outfit.

    10. This bullet vibrator is quiet, powerful, and arrives in discreet packaging.

    11. A gin & tonic lip balm, because gin isn't a beverage – it's an identity.

    12. This bewitching mug will make any potion – or cup of tea – taste better.

    13. These crocheted boot cuffs are stylish AF and prevent that super annoying friction between your boots and your tights.

    14. This egg candle melts away to reveal a ceramic baby unicorn.

    15. This phone case will make you smile, even if it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.

    16. This faux pearl studded headband is a fast and easy way to make a casual outfit look fancier.

    17. These hot chocolate bombs prove that your favourite winter beverage can be as fun to make as it is to drink.

    18. Valentine's Day is coming up! This customised, hand-painted card is a one-of-a-kind gift for your one-of-a-kind partner.

    19. And if you're single and loving it, wear this fun patch to remind everyone that pies (or any dessert, really) should come before guys.

    20. This see-through purse is somehow both retro and futuristic.

    21. This musical wine glass is the easiest (and most fun) instrument you'll ever learn to play.

    22. You can put on this minimalist star and moon ring to add a totally necessary touch of celestial glam to any look.

    23. This smartphone projector will make movie nights way more fun.

    24. This novelty camera USB drive is fun without being too flashy.

    25. After this bath bomb fizzes away, you're left with a piece of jewellery valued between £10 and £2,000. It's like a lottery ticket, but way more luxurious!

    26. These mermaid makeup brushes are fluffy yet firm, and just SO pretty to look at!

    27. Everyone will be asking where you got this adorable Baby Yoda pin.

    28. This copper cocktail set comes with everything you need to make the perfect drink: a muddler, two strainers, two pourers, two jiggers, and a double-ended fork/spoon combo.

    29. A teddy coat to keep you cute and cosy for the rest of the winter. Sizes run from S-XXL!

    30. What better way to show your love for RuPaul's Drag Race than this non-slip welcome mat?

    31. Whether you're cosplaying or clubbing, a pink wig is an absolute must.

    32. Your jacket would look better with this Kermit pin – and that's the tea.

    33. These avocado salt and pepper shakers are just so happy to help you season your food.

    34. These shot glasses are made with Himalayan salt rock which will infuse your drinks with a subtle salty flavour.

    35. This tentacle ring has B.U.E (Big Ursula Energy), and I can't get enough of it.

    36. This minimalist Beyoncé print is more inspirational than any motivational quote.

    37. For a whimsical yet subtle look, try this set of understated hair clips that come in various shapes.