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    28 Fun Products Under £10 That Are So Cute It's Ridiculous

    Cheap and cute is my favourite combo.

    1. This astronaut reading light will have you saying, "Houston, we don't have a problem."

    2. These cupcake-shaped, handmade bath melts are a great way to add a bit of luxury to your day.

    3. These macaron inspired mini jewellery boxes look so realistic you'll have to stop yourself from eating them.

    4. This funny keyring is perfect for G&T lovers.

    5. This whale touch lamp can light up in five different colours.

    6. These minimalist geometric hair clips will make it look like you actually put effort into styling your hair this morning.

    7. This hilarious handmade pin is a goth-tastic accessory.

    8. If you're reading a book that's out of this world, use this funny UFO bookmark to ensure you never lose your page.

    9. These dandelion fluff pushpins will add a bit of whimsy to your desk.

    10. Unfortunately, we don't all live in a yellow submarine, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy this cute tea infuser.

    11. If you're feeling foxy, try these quirky stud earrings.

    12. This mini crocheted cactus is so adorable that I want to adopt it.

    13. This turtle-shaped, multifunction headphone winder prevents your headphones from tangling AND doubles as a phone stand.

    14. This mouse-hole wall decal is such a fun decoration.

    15. You can trace cool designs and messages on this reversible sequin pillowcase.

    16. This serpent ring might just slither its way into your shopping basket.

    17. Add a bit of magic to your morning with this mermaid-scale patterned mug.

    18. These little wine bottles are actually bold, waterproof lip tints.

    19. Keep your cup of tea stylish and protected from dust with these pastel silicone cup-covers.

    20. This melting ice-cream doorstop is so realistic people will do a double-take when they walk into your office.

    21. These subtle stud earrings are fun and flirty.

    22. This rose gold stand for your make-up sponge allows it to dry quickly and hygienically.

    23. This Arya Funko will defend your desk from assassins and White Walkers alike.

    24. These mini-cactus magnets will hold up your photos and memos.

    25. This laptop sticker is the perfect combination of cute and not giving AF.

    26. This elegant rose gold ring-holder won't hop away.

    27. These charming fairy lights can take your bedroom from boring to magical.

    28. Finally, this thoughtful baby Groot plant plot will give you all the feels.