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    18 Fun Products To Help You Pass The Time While You're Bored At Home

    Time flies when you're making yourself have fun.

    1. Not only are these tarot cards inspired by vintage tattoo designs beautiful, they're also really fun! Use them on yourself, or give your friends and family virtual readings.

    2. This crochet kit has everything you need to go from a beginner to crochet expert!

    3. These tiny laser tag guns will turn your boring afternoons into a thrilling adventure. First person to lose all three lives is out!

    4. You'll be over the moon for this challenging yet beautiful jigsaw puzzle.

    5. This gardening kit has everything you need to grow and care for a bonsai tree.

    6. For a cute crafting project you'll actually finish, try this tiny cross-stitching kit that teaches you how to sew kawaii designs.

    7. These genius lenses clip onto your smartphone and let you take professional-quality photos.

    8. Assembling this model ship is a fun project to do with kids. No glue or tools required!

    9. This craft kit will teach you how to cross stitch! Each kit contains enough fabric, thread, and felt to make eight projects.

    10. Spice up your life (literally) with this gardening kit that has everything you need to grow your own chili peppers.

    11. This candle making kit is perfect if you're looking for a relaxing new hobby. Each kit makes up to eight scented candles!

    12. You can't go out for a pedicure, but this dual foot massager will still let your feet feel pampered and relaxed.

    13. Transform basically any flat surface into an air hockey table in no time with this easy-install air hockey set..

    14. Embrace retro and adopt an electronic pet! You can choose from 32 different types of pets, including cats, dinosaurs, and robots.

    15. Make your own metallic BB-8 with this model kit – all you is a pair of pliers or tweezers and some wire cutters!

    16. This smartphone projector will take movie night to the next level.

    17. Entertain yourself and your pet with this treat launcher!

    18. You've heard of bath bombs, bath melts, and bath oils. Now, get ready for bath teas! Each "teabag" contains fragrant herbs and flowers, salts, and essential oils that make your bath smell tea-riffic.