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    17 Fun Gifts To Give Your Friends Just Because You Feel Like It

    Just some little things to let your BFF know you're thinking about them.

    1. If your friend is stressed, this adult colouring book full of *colourful* language is a hilarious but soothing way to pass the time.

    2. These cluster earrings, because life is always better with a little bling.

    3. If your friend loves crafts, they'll love this embroidery kit that has everything they need to make THREE stunning designs.

    4. These fun, watermelon-scented exfoliating cubes will leave their skin smooth, moisturised, and fragrant.

    5. This gin making kit has everything they'll need to transform old vodka into delicious gin. The pack includes an instruction booklet, juniper berries, spices, an eco-friendly cotton filter bag, and more!

    6. These cooling, reusable eye pads reduce the appearance of puffiness and they feel amazing.

    7. This bewitching mug, because friendship is low-key pretty magical.

    8. This cactus-in-a-can is the perfect low-maintenance plant gift.

    9. This phone case, because "I'll be there for you" is basically the motto of any friendship.

    10. This open starfish ring will remind them that they're the real star.

    11. A moisturising hand cream is a perfect example of a luxurious yet practical gift.

    12. This challenging 3D puzzle of Big Ben is a great way to pass the time.

    13. Treat your best friend to an at-home spa day with this pack of 12 hydrating sheet masks.

    14. This rollerball fragrance has top notes of honeysuckle and rose that slowly fade away to reveal bottom notes of vanilla.

    15. Maybe you can't grab a G&T with your bestie, but you can give them this G&T-flavoured lip balm.

    16. Help them achieve the perfect at-home manicure with this petite UV nail dryer.

    17. They'll love this stunning tarot deck inspired by vintage tattoo designs.