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    33 Fun And Fab Things That You Can Get For £5 Or Less

    Brilliant and budget-friendly!

    1. People *swear* by this adult colouring book that's full of, well, colourful language.

    2. This hilarious, removable vinyl sticker is the perfect addition to your laptop or water bottle.

    3. Or how about this vinyl Damian sticker that lets you celebrate the most iconic teen movie of the '00s?

    4. This soothing fidget cube will help you keep your focus.

    5. These gorgeous flamingo lunch boxes are perfect for meal prepping.

    6. This prosecco-scented soap bar will let you wash your hands in luxury.

    7. This extremely relatable pin is the perfect accessory for these trying times.

    8. This little stand displays your makeup sponge and helps it dry faster.

    9. These luxury scrunchies are fun retro accessories that won't break or damage your hair.

    10. Unwind with these pink Himalayan bath salts infused with jasmine-scented essential oils.

    11. This vibrant peacock is perfect for holding your rings and other trinkets.

    12. Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking offers eloquent responses to queries like "What's inside a black hole?" and "Is there a God?".

    13. This statement hair clip instantly makes any hairstyle look fancier.

    14. This three-in-one facial pack includes a brown sugar face scrub, a witch hazel toner, and a seaweed extract mask.

    15. This fish pendant necklace is some serious "Under the Sea" elegance.

    16. Ironically, there's something timeless about this sleek wristwatch.

    17. This chic trinket dish is very much the vibe for 2020.

    18. These popular pastel highlighters are just so much better than regular highlighters.

    19. This vintage-style NASA pin is truly out of this world.

    20. Apply this soothing sheet mask before bed to refresh and calm your skin.

    21. This popular liquid lipstick comes in 36 different shades and has an average four-star rating from over a thousand reviews.

    22. This gorgeous vinyl sticker is perfect for bookworms.

    23. This floral, wire-bound notebook is certainly noteworthy for both its low price AND whimsical design.

    24. This salted caramel hot chocolate spoon means that a warm, delicious beverage is just a few stirs away.

    25. This set of iridescent metal straws comes with a free scrub brush that makes cleaning a breeze!

    26. It's easy to feel powerless, but Greta Thunberg's book No One is Too Small to Make a Difference reminds us that every individual has the power to improve the world.

    27. Give yourself an at-home mani-pedi with this quick-drying lavender polish.

    28. If your hands are cracked from frequent handwashing, this travel-sized hand cream is the perfect thing to soothe and repair your skin.

    29. This simple-yet-elegant photo holder is perfect for displaying a cute Polaroid picture.

    30. Where's the Sloth? is an amusing activity book where you try to find the hidden sloth as fast as you can.

    31. This bold velvet matte lipstick, because now's the time to experiment with makeup.

    32. This colourful, eco-friendly notebook is made with recycled paper.

    33. Take your baths to the next level with this watermelon bubble bath that's infused with moisturising ingredients.