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    19 Edgy Summer Dresses From Nasty Gal That I Think Belong In Your Wardrobe

    Because pastels aren't for everybody.

    1. This shirt dress with a metallic sheen is the ultimate picnic look.

    2. I'm in modern love with this David Bowie T-shirt dress.

    3. Show off your wild side with this flattering leopard-print dress.

    4. This belted black midi dress, because who says black isn't a summer colour?

    5. Keep it simple and sexy with this futuristic, one-size-fits-all white dress.

    6. I love the '60s vibe of this long-sleeved mini dress.

    7. Just imagine the sheer power of this polka dot wrap dress with a red lip.

    8. This black floral dress combines goth with girly.

    9. For a look with subtle '80s energy, you can't go wrong with this shiny purple blazer dress.

    10. This black midi dress with trendy puff sleeves has modern Wednesday Addams energy.

    11. Everyone needs a little black dress with a fitted silhouette.

    12. You'll never want to take a break from this Ross and Rachel dress.

    13. Maybe you can't get no satisfaction, but you CAN get this awesome Rolling Stones dress.

    14. The metallic sheen and unconventional silhouette of this sleek golden dress sets it apart.

    15. This fitted midi dress is flattering, comfy, and under £15.

    16. This iconic Janis Joplin T-shirt dress won't break another piece of your heart.

    17. This pink T-shirt dress proves that edgy-yet-casual is a total vibe.

    18. This blue mini dress combines a retro silhouette with a modern print to create a timeless look.

    19. Your friends will go starry-eyed when you debut this gorgeous maxi dress at your next picnic.