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    23 Decorations Under £15 To Help Make Your Bedroom More Exciting

    People of the world, spice up your [room].

    1. You don't have to worry about watering these artificial succulents.

    2. This metal bookend is a whimsical detail for your bookshelf.

    3. This pink faux-sheepskin rug will add fluff and comfort to your room.

    4. This deer-shaped ring holder combines jewellery organisation with decoration.

    5. These string lights add warmth to your room AND display your photos.

    6. This copper, geometric lamp puts the fun in functional.

    7. These wavy mirror stickers are easy to apply and remove without damaging your walls.

    8. This lightbulb-shaped essential oil diffuser is a cute way to make your room smell fresh.

    9. This palm tree light will make you feel like you're somewhere warm and sunny, even in the winter.

    10. This scratch-off world map will remind you of all your travels.

    11. This octopus cushion cover is both dramatic and elegant.

    12. This lightswitch decal adds some subtle nerd energy to your room.

    13. This phone holder can clip onto your desk or headboard for optimal lazy video watching.

    14. These flameless candles give you the candle aesthetic without the fire hazard.

    15. This ceramic flower vase has a handmade, rustic vibe to it.

    16. This festive snowglobe will bring some holiday cheer to your nightstand.

    17. Decorate your walls with a retro-style print of your favourite artist.

    18. These white rose lights put a romantic spin on string lights.

    19. This wall tapestry shows off your love of art AND covers up boring, blank walls.

    20. This little FunkoPop Ursula will prevent you from becoming a poor, unfortunate soul (and also make your desk more cheerful).

    21. This Banksy wall decal is a great way to decorate your walls without damaging them.

    22. This mini artificial tree will bring the festive spirit to your room.

    23. Finally, this mini air humidifier is way cuter and more affordable than other humidifiers.