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    32 Products That Are Cuter Versions Of Things You Use Every Day

    "I feel pretty" – every product on this list.

    1. Instantly add some glam to your outfit (and keep your hair out of your face) with these oversized faux pearl clips.

    2. These cactus magnets will make you smile every time you look at them.

    3. These may look like macarons, but they're actually tiny storage containers that are perfect for organising and protecting your smaller jewellery like earrings and rings.

    4. This storage basket is unbearably cute.

    5. Who knew that simple scrunchies could be so elegant?

    6. These soap dispensers will make your entire bathroom feel more expensive.

    7. These marble patterned coasters fit into your car's cupholders.

    8. This 500ml glass jar with a little heart design is perfect for storing cotton buds, sweets, or jams.

    9. These ombré makeup brushes are just prettier versions of regular makeup brushes, and I'm here for it.

    10. If these little ceramic dishes don't steal your heart, then I don't know what will. They're the perfect size for snacks!

    11. These swan salt and pepper shakers, because seasoning your food should be an elegant experience.

    12. These popular pastel highlighters are so pretty that you'll have to resist highlighting the entire page! Plus, they have over 21,000 reviews on Amazon, so you know that they work.

    13. This hardcover journal with a tropical print is so gorgeous that you'll probably start making excuses to write in it.

    14. Truth be told, I'm rather starstruck by this astrological constellation mug. It's available in every star sign!

    15. Why get a regular doorstop when you could get a fluffy llama doorstop?

    16. And if llamas aren't your thing, you can still get this hella cute dog doorstop.

    17. This Totoro toothbrush holder will help you organise your bathroom AND pay tribute to Studio Ghibli (two equally important things).

    18. This sweet planter will make it look like your plants are taking a nap.

    19. This set of cooking utensils is practical, pretty, and most importantly – pink!

    20. This minimalist little stand helps your beauty sponge dry quickly and prevents it from rolling around and staining your countertops with makeup.

    21. With these reusable cactus dryer buddies, you'll never need dryer sheets again! Plus, according to the reviews, these lil' cacti make your clothes feel super soft.

    22. This pink cup is perfect for organising your makeup brushes or writing utensils.

    23. The sheer aesthetic of these metallic measuring cups and spoons is almost overwhelming.

    24. Listen, your kitchen sponge might as well have a holder that looks like a little bed.

    25. Don't be slow to buy this hanging sloth planter.

    26. This chic, waterproof Bluetooth speaker has an average rating of 4.6 stars with 3,623 reviews AND is under £16. Also it's rose gold, AKA the fanciest colour.

    27. Get in the Halloween spirit with these Nightmare Before Christmas wooden cooking utensils.

    28. Make hydration fun with this carton-shaped water bottle. It comes with two sticker sheets and a handy scrubbing brush!

    29. Add some style to your storage with these black and white linen boxes.

    30. Are you a plant mum and a dog person? If so, I present to you this dog plant pot.

    31. These wand-shaped salt and pepper shakers will make seasoning your food feel like casting a spell.

    32. Why drink out of a regular mug when you could drink out of this bewitching cauldron?