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    Just 34 Cute Things That Look Like Other Things

    A thing that looks like another thing is my favourite kind of thing.

    1. This R2D2 cookie jar is, in fact, the droid you are looking for.

    2. You'll get a kick out of these shoe-inspired socks from Dr. Martens.

    3. These astronaut earrings will remind you to reach for the stars.

    4. These genius coasters fit together to form a cactus when they're not in use. How plantastic!

    5. A tea light? Tired. A pearl boba tea light? Inspired.

    6. These ceramic measuring spoons are having a whale of a time.

    7. You and these adorable pencils are a *match* made in heaven.

    8. This anglerfish light will make late-night reading even more fun.

    9. This little witch will hold your spoon for you and release steam from your cauldron or "pot", as the muggles say.

    10. Your heart will go out to this charming leather bookmark that you can personalise with your initials.

    11. This snitch-inspired bracelet, because you're a total catch.

    12. These popular coasters are breaking the world record for cutest home accessory.

    13. People will *rain* down compliments on you whenever you wear these earrings.

    14. These ice lolly sticky notes make organisation a sweet treat.

    15. You'll go moon-eyed for this touch-sensitive, 3D-printed lamp with adjustable brightness settings.

    16. If you're not over the moon for that lamp, maybe you'll fall in love with this squishy little dumpling lamp.

    17. These beans-on-toast earrings are a tribute to the world's best breakfast.

    18. This mug that looks like a cauldron will bewitch your tea into tasting even more delicious.

    19. This sleeping mask is a foxy and fun sleeping accessory.

    20. These chocolates designed to resemble our solar system look AND taste otherworldy.

    21. This eco-friendly coffee cup has everything you need to grow your very own coffee plant!

    22. You won't have to fish for compliments when you rock these quirky and charming earrings.

    23. This pizza cutter is equally useful and cute.

    24. This picture-perfect phone case doubles as a card holder and a phone stand.

    25. You can order a ceramic egg planter with a cactus, a lavender plant, a wild strawberry plant, and more!

    26. These metallic bookmarks are an elegant way to save your page.

    27. This curious little cactus is the perfect desk decoration.

    28. This hilarious noodle keychain is a cute yet cheeky accessory.

    29. I scream, you scream, we all scream for these these ice-cream bowls.

    30. This astronaut mug is truly out of this world, and it comes in black, gold, and silver.

    31. These Nintendo cartridge coasters are a perfect gift for any gamer.

    32. We might never know what the fox says, but I have a feeling the fox would be into these cute earrings.

    33. This bat signal key ring doubles as a bottle opener AND a screwdriver.

    34. Finally, this scarlett umbrella is so beautiful it will make your heart skip a beat.