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    29 Cute Things That'll Probably Just Plain Put You In A Good Mood

    Turn that frown upside down!

    1. A Frida Kahlo planter that will make your cactus feel like a work of art.

    2. A pet cloud that you can send to your BFF on a rainy day.

    3. A pair of oversized heart sunglasses that will protect your eyes in style.

    4. A set of planetary sticky notes that are almost too gorgeous to write on.

    5. A pair of whimsical earrings that look like bubble tea, AKA the best beverage of all time.

    6. Some squishy toys that are basically just cuter versions of stress balls.

    7. A snail soap dispenser that's a great way to make washing your hands feel more fun (because the novelty of singing "Happy Birthday" twice has worn off).

    8. These tiny temporary tattoos that will let you experiment with the ink aesthetic without any of the commitment

    9. Some cat pens that are purrfect for jotting down notes.

    10. Some sloth sticky tabs that will remind you to slow down and take some time to organise.

    11. A little corgi planter that's an adorable home for your succulents.

    12. A wax melt bar that you can snap little squares off of and pop into your burner. It has a fruity and musky scent!

    13. And if you don't have a wax melt burner yet, then check out this one that has a romantic star pattern.

    14. Some delicious Belgian chocolates that are inspired by the solar system, so they look and taste out of this world!

    15. Some heart-shaped leather bookmarks that fit perfectly onto the corner of the page.

    16. A frameless mirror that's both fun and functional. Add it to your vanity or bedside table!

    17. A contoured sleep mask that doesn't put pressure on your eyelids, so you can nap in total comfort.

    18. These cactus magnets that are sure to please any proud plant parent.

    19. This set of geometric-patterned suitcases that are a stylish way to store knick-knacks, photos, and other memorabilia that you don't really know where to put.

    20. This adorable elephant that's a pencil organiser and a phone stand.

    21. Some ceramic planters that have complimentary minimalist geometric patterns, making the entire room feel more put together.

    22. This minimalist feather pendant necklace that you can wear with basically any outfit.

    23. A crescent moon shelf that will give your entire room a celestial vibe and add some storage space.

    24. This hanging prism that will scatter little rainbows around your room on a sunny day.

    25. These faux pearl clips that are the perfect accessory for people with champagne tastes but a prosecco budget.

    26. An absolutely adorable silicone octopus that helps to foam up whatever facial cleanser you use and then rubs the product deeper into your pores!

    27. A clutch bag that looks like a spirit board, because supernatural-chic is a valid aesthetic.

    28. Some cloud-shaped bath bombs that fizz rainbow colours when placed in water. You can literally bathe in a rainbow!

    29. And finally, a hilarious Kermit pin that's basically the best thing you can buy for less than £2.