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    27 Gifts Under £6 That Are As Cute As They Are Cheap

    Including a grow-your-own coffee plant!

    1. A pair of cute strawberry milk socks so their feet can be as stylish as they are.

    2. This G&T flavoured lip balm that will keep their lips smooth and soft and pay homage to their favourite beverage!

    3. A transparent hanging terrarium that will make their bedroom feel like a greenhouse.

    4. A grow-your-own coffee plant kit for coffee lovers so they can control their caffeine experience from bean to brew.

    5. A set of three headbands that look like tied bandanas, so they can get a retro vibe with minimal effort.

    6. An adorable hand soap that's almost too pretty to use.

    7. These macaron erasers that are so fun, they'll probably make mistakes on purpose just so they can use them.

    8. A set of rainbow washi tapes for your craft-loving friend who's always in the middle of a DIY project.

    9. Or maybe this pack of eight gorgeous metallic pens that they can use to take their craft projects to the next level.

    10. A super soft crossbody bag with an a-moo-sing cow print.

    11. An absolutely stunning fan that looks like an antique book. Ironically, there are no words to describe how much I love this fan!

    12. Some handmade scented bath bombs that release soothing essential oils and moisturising butters into the water.

    13. A faux fruit slice bookmark that will make their book look like a fun little cocktail!

    14. This set of three L'Oreal clay masks designed to brighten, purify, and clean pores.

    15. These adorable cactus magnets that will make any plant parent smile.

    16. Some stunning pastel highlighters that are like regular highlighters, except better.

    17. An essential oil roller ball that features a relaxing combination of geranium, orange, and nutmeg. It also has over 2,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars!

    18. Some incredible sachets that they can chuck into a bonfire before watching the flames transform into a multicoloured spectacle!

    19. A gratitude journal that uses suggestions, guided exercises, and inspirational quotes to help them practise mindfulness.

    20. These silicone applicators that are massively popular (seriously, they have over 40,000 reviews). The applicators help them apply even and thin layers of skincare products like clay masks and serums!

    21. A teeny Etch A Sketch that's basically pure nostalgia they can fit in the palm of their hand.

    22. A cookie cutter that lets them make delicious cactus-shaped biscuits. Finally, they can put the desert in your dessert!

    23. A metallic trinket dish for their jewellery and knick-knacks that might just steal their heart.

    24. A Totoro keychain that will guard their keys instead of the forest.

    25. A pair of sloth earrings that will remind them to take it slow every once in a while.

    26. A genius keychain that they can use to open doors without directly touching them. It also works on touchscreens!

    27. A set of three hand creams that are made with shea butter and won't leave a greasy residue.