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    19 Cute Accessories For Kids' Rooms And Nurseries

    Including a seriously adorable night light!

    1. They'll love measuring themselves against this hanging ruler.

    2. This rocket ship bookshelf is the perfect piece of furniture for any future astronaut.

    3. This cheerful lion mat from Sass & Belle deserves some roaring applause for how cute it is.

    4. This woven rainbow with dangling pom-poms is a quick way to add a pop of colour and some whimsy to your child's bedroom.

    5. This hungry dinosaur laundry basket will make putting away dirty clothes significantly more fun.

    6. This Paris-inspired hamper has a slightly different aesthetic than the dinosaur one, but is just as fun!

    7. This dinosaur storage shelf has six removable compartments which makes clean-up way easier.

    8. Unlike other bookshelves, this pastel sling bookcase is designed specifically to hold picture books. Plus, the low-height makes it easy for your kiddo to use!

    9. And this Frozen sling bookcase will delight any child who still needs to sing "Into the Unknown" at least once a day. One side features Anna and Elsa and the other features Olaf!

    10. This rainy cloud will make a whimsical wall hanging or door decoration.

    11. These colourful coat hooks that look like screws are self-adhesive, so you won't need any tools to install them. They can also be used to hang rucksacks or towels!

    12. This gorgeous hanging tent will give them endless hours of fun. It comes in pink, blue, white, and grey!

    13. This elephant crawling mat is made out of a hyper absorbent material, so it will soak up drool and spills. It has a rubber backing, so the mat will stay in place instead of skidding and folding over as your baby wriggles.

    14. These cloud wall decals will decorate your child's walls without damaging them.

    15. This shatterproof mirror comes in five fun shapes: crown, unicorn, bunny, cloud, and swan!

    16. The only thing cooler than a cushion cover with their initial on it is an initialled cushion cover that lights up.

    17. You can personalise this Spider-Man sticker with their name!

    18. This kawaii night light is so adorable, you might just want to buy one for yourself!

    19. This bunny alarm clock has six different wake-up sounds that they can choose from!