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    14 Clothing Items That Have Pockets Where There Aren't Usually Pockets

    "Thanks, it has pockets." - Me, about everything on this list.

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    1. These wildly popular leggings have a side pocket big enough for your phone AND a hidden waistband pocket for your keys. No wonder they have an average 4.8-star rating with 1,956 reviews!

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: black, pink, blue, and purple among others.

    Size: XS-XXL.

    Price: £16.95-£21.95 depending on size/colour.

    2. These badass combat boots have a side pocket that zips up.

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: brown, black.

    Sizes: 3.5-8.

    Price: £9.98-£13.99 depending on size/colour.

    3. This denim mini skirt is cute AF and its FOUR pockets are actually real! But seriously, what is up with fake pockets? What demon created them?

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: blue.

    Sizes: 8-20.

    Price: £17.00

    4. This infinity scarf has a hidden pocket that can fit your phone, passport, wallet, and keys. It's a pickpocket-proof accessory that's perfect for traveling.

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: black, grey, and pink among others.

    Sizes: one size fits all.

    Price: £7.99

    5. You can get this plus size midi dress with short sleeves or long sleeves. No matter what style you get, you'll still have pockets!

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: black, wine, and navy among others.

    Sizes: 18-30.

    Price: £17.51-£20.99 depending on size/colour.

    6. This pleated midi skirt (with two side pockets) is cute AF.

    Amazon / Via

    Sizes: 8-24.

    Colours: red, yellow, and green among others.

    Price: £12.00-£23.99 depending on size/colour.

    7. This casual tunic with two deep pockets is professional yet cute.

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: grey, black, and red.

    Sizes: 10-18.

    Price: £30.00

    8. Not only is this cute sports bra comfy AF, it has a pocket big enough to hold your phone, keys, and card.

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: black, pink, and blue among others.

    Sizes: 8-18

    Price: £8.99-£13.99 depending on size/colour.

    9. These ski gloves are waterproof and touchscreen compatible; they also have little pockets for your keys, hand warmers, cash, or cards.

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: grey, black.

    Sizes: S-XL.

    Price: £10.99-£13.99 depending on size/colour.

    10. This comfy towel wrap/cover-up has a pocket, perfect for keeping your valuables safe whether you're at the gym, pool, or beach!

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: lilac, grey, dark grey, pink, and white.

    Sizes: S-XL.

    Price: £11.99-£12.99 depending on size/colour.

    11. The phone-sized pockets on these high-waisted yoga shorts are super convenient.

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: pink, blue, purple, and grey among others.

    Sizes: S-XL.

    Price: £11.99-£12.99 depending on size/colour.

    12. This reversible blanket scarf has two pockets to keep your hands cosy.

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: red, pink, wine, and black.

    Size: one size fits all.

    Price: £8.99-£12.99 depending on colour.

    13. These travel socks have a safety pocket for your passport, cash, cards, and keys.

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: black.

    Sizes: one size fits all.

    Price: £18.95

    14. These pyjama bottoms have properly deep pockets. Cute? Check. Cosy? Check. Convenient? Check.

    Amazon / Via

    Colours: red, navy, black.

    Sizes: S-XXL

    Price: £15.89-£16.29 depending on size/colour.