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    33 Cheap Things That Will Make You Feel Expensive

    Everything's under £10!

    1. These gorgeous metallic pens will take your lettering game to the next level.

    2. This hanging prism will scatter little rainbows around your room on a sunny day.

    3. This feather pendant necklace is an elegant minimalist accessory that you can wear with basically any outfit.

    4. This cheerful Sass & Belle mug is unbeelievably cute.

    5. Save your page in style with these heart-shaped leather bookmarks.

    6. Say goodbye to tugging and hair breakage with these faux velvet scrunchies that will add a chic retro vibe to your hairstyle.

    7. These popular dermaplaning facial razors shave off peach fuzz AND dead skin, leaving your face even and smooth.

    8. You can stick these metallic leaf pins into your messy bun to achieve a subtle elven queen look.

    9. This multicoloured marble-patterned notebook will make you feel sophisticated AF, even when you're just jotting down your shopping list.

    10. This rolling massager will give help you get a spa-quality foot massage from the comfort of your own home.

    11. With these fake succulents, even your windowless rooms can get that plant aesthetic.

    12. Unleash your creative side and learn a fancy new hobby with this beginner-friendly lettering and calligraphy book.

    13. This cute leaf ring is stunning AF and costs less than £9.

    14. These cute headbands will make it look like you actually spent time on your hair.

    15. With this fun culinary kit, you can make your own goat, mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, and burrata cheese from scratch!

    16. This metallic trinket dish just might steal your heart.

    17. This dramatic statement ring is probably the most luxurious thing you can buy for under £3.

    18. These quirky scissor hair slides will make any hairstyle seem cutting edge.

    19. Turn your regular bath into a luxurious experience with this set of four bath bombs and two scented candles.

    20. Or, if you don't have a bath, you can still treat yourself to this set of six shower steamers and two scented candles .

    21. Take your caffeine addiction to the next level with this gardening kit that has everything you need to grow your own coffee plant.

    22. Nothing's more luxurious than chocolate, so why not treat yourself to this delicious Green and Black's sampler that contains 24 miniature bars of milk, dark, and white chocolate?

    23. This glitzy multicoloured headband is a quick and easy way to add some glam to your outfit.

    24. If you're looking for a new clay mask, check out this L'Oreal blue algae one that's formulated to reduce the appearance of blemishes.

    25. Just toss one of these sachets into the fireplace and watch regular flames become a multicoloured spectacle.

    26. Not only are these silicone applicators massively popular (seriously, they have over 40,000 reviews), they help you apply even and thin layers of skincare products like clay masks and serums.

    27. These faux pearl clips are the perfect accessory for people with champagne tastes but a prosecco budget.

    28. This adorable little pot will make your plant look like it's taking a nap!

    29. This set of three hand creams are made with shea butter, so they don't leave a greasy residue.

    30. This pair of fluffy spa headbands will keep your hair dry and out of your face during your skincare routine.

    31. This pack of five miniature Yankee Candles contains relaxing aromas like "Cliffside Sunrise" and "Beach Escape".

    32. These fairy lights are a quick and easy way to decorate any space!

    33. The little bumps on this absolutely adorable silicone octopus help foam up whatever facial cleanser you use and rubs the product deeper into your pores!