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    19 Cheap Things Under £5 That Are Really, Really Hard Not To Buy

    They're just impossible to resist!

    1. An absolutely stunning fan that looks like an antique book. Ironically, there are no words to describe how much I love this fan!

    2. A cookie cutter that lets you make delicious cactus-shaped biscuits. Finally, you can put the desert in your dessert!

    3. Some pastel rainbow wrapping paper that's just so aesthetically pleasing.

    4. An Among Us-inspired plushie that's so cute, only an imposter wouldn't like it!

    5. A Baby Yoda sticker pack, so you can show your love for The Mandalorian's cutest character on your water bottle, laptop, and notebooks!

    6. A pair of astronaut earrings to remind you that you're totally out of this world!

    7. A faux pearl hair clip to make any hairstyle instantly look fancier.

    8. A Tolkien-inspired tote bag for those of us who are closer to Frodo than Legolas.

    9. A lip balm that looks, smells, and tastes like a miniature Coca Cola.

    10. A novelty ballpoint pen that looks like a potted cactus, because why not write with a cactus pen?

    11. A Totoro toothbrush and toothpaste holder that will quickly become the best part of your bathroom.

    12. A grow-your-own coffee plant kit so you can control your caffeine experience from bean to brew.

    13. Some convenient bun makers that will give you a sleek, professional updo in less than ten seconds!

    14. These sachets that turn regular fire into a multicoloured spectacle!

    15. A pocket-sized hug that you can send to your loved ones during lockdown. It's a sweet and safe way to let them know how much you miss them!

    16. This G&T flavoured lip balm will keep your lips smooth and soft and pay ode to your favourite beverage!

    17. A set of five mini heart-shaped candles that would make a pretty sweet Valentine's Day gift.

    18. Some polka dot headbands to keep your hair out of your face and give your whole outfit a retro vibe.

    19. A Cath Kidston hand cream set that features three moisturising lotions made with shea butter.