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    22 Celestial Accessories Under £20 That Are Truly Out Of This World

    Q: Why is the moon so angry? A: It's just going through one of its phases.

    1. These celestial drop earrings will make you feel like a star.

    2. This starry night scarf will make any outfit look more expensive.

    3. This moon and star ring might have a minimalist design, but it's still dramatic.

    4. This solar system tote bag celebrates our neighbouring planets while protecting our own by reducing plastic consumption.

    5. The face of this popular wristwatch looks like the night sky. Also, it's waterproof!

    6. You can get this constellation necklace to match your astrological sign.

    7. Same with these stunning earrings! You can get these earrings to represent your star sign, whatever that may be.

    8. You can personalise this phone case with your first and last name, so there's no mistaking that this starry phone belongs to you. It comes in a variety of sizes for different smartphones, including Androids and iPhones.

    9. Introverts will totally relate to this hilarious astronaut pin.

    10. These moon and star hair clips will add some celestial whimsy to casual or fancy outfits.

    11. These cute astronaut earrings show the value of reaching for the stars.

    12. Protect your instant camera with this black camera case decorated with constellations.

    13. This layered moon and stars necklace is a great way to make a casual top look edgy and chic.

    14. Starry nights? More like starry tights. Each order contains six pairs of tights with six different patterns including stars (pictured), skulls, and lace. These tights fit sizes 8-16.

    15. This set of ten space-themed pins will make any jacket or bag feel other-worldly.

    16. This star-studded headband has subtle galactic princess energy.

    17. This iron-on NASA patch will make any jacket or bag astronomically cooler.

    18. I love this picture-perfect necklace all the way to the moon and back.

    19. And this temporary tattoo is so cool, you'll be over the moon with the results.

    20. To put things in perspective, try wearing this space pin with a humbling, yet awe-inspiring Carl Sagan quote.

    21. I'm almost choked up over the sheer witchy energy of this minimalist moon and star choker.

    22. This faux opal ring is a great way to let people know that you're a star and deserve to be treated as such.