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    11 Blanket Scarves To Buy If You Want To Feel Like A Stylish Autumn Burrito

    *Renata Klien voice* "I will not not be cosy!"

    1. This grey checked scarf will keep you cosy and stylish.

    2. It also comes in pink. if you want to feel like a 21st century Mrs. Maisel.

    3. This neutral toned pashmina is so versatile.

    4. This grey and black scarf doubles as a shawl you can mysteriously wrap around your shoulders on rainy days.

    5. This tartan blanket scarf is honestly more blanket than scarf and I'm kinda into it.

    6. This black-grey ombre scarf is a warm yet fashionable accent to your autumn outfits.

    7. This aqua and beige colour combination works so well.

    8. Customers love how this super-soft scarf can be styled multiple ways.

    9. This colourful wrap is quirky and cute.

    10. This pink scarf combines casual and preppy.

    11. This burgundy scarf is reversible, so you get two styles in one scarf.