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    41 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under £5, Under £15, And Under £50

    All you need is love (and maybe some of the things on this list).

    ✨Under £5✨

    1. These rose gold studs might just make their heart skip a beat.

    2. These sweet pea and honeysuckle hand creams are moisturising without being greasy. Plus, they smell amazing.

    3. Only an imposter wouldn't adore this Among Us-inspired plushie.

    4. This hydrating Garnier tissue mask is infused with chamomile and hyaluronic acid to leave their skin bright and smooth. Pretty much everyone loves a good sheet mask, so this gift is basically a guaranteed hit.

    5. This gardening kit has everything they need to grow their own sunflowers.

    6. These macaron bath bombs are somehow even more luxurious than regular bath bombs.

    7. Show them that you love them all the way to the moon and back with these adorable astronaut earrings.

    8. You can't take them out for a G&T this Valentine's Day, but you can buy them this G&T-flavoured lip balm.

    9. This "naked" music box can play their favourite song and is a small but sweet gift that they'll never forget. You can choose from a variety of songs like the hopeful "Here Comes the Sun" or the romantic "La Vie en Rose."

    ✨Under £15✨

    10. These planet-inspired sticky notes are a stellar gift if your partner is low-key obsessed with pretty stationery.

    11. They can toss one of these sachets into a bonfire and watch the flames transform into a multicoloured spectacle!

    12. This lovely monogrammed mug will let them know that they're your cup of tea.

    13. Send them a box of seasonal flowers that will fit through their letterbox – it'll be a lovely surprise for them!

    14. These K Beauty sheet masks will let you have a romantic spa night at home.

    15. These couple keychains are the perfect gift if you and your S.O.'s idea of the ideal date is binge-watching The Office.

    16. Turn your romance into a love story with this customisable picture book.

    17. These cocoa-dusted truffles come in three different flavours: salted butterscotch, hazelnut, and pure chocolate.

    18. These soap roses aren't just pretty to look at – you can peel off the petals and use them to wash your hands!

    19. You can have a loving message engraved on the back of this adorable mini wooden envelope.

    20. Once you become an adult, fuzzy socks are basically the best gift you can ever get.

    21. This pack of conversation starter cards will revolutionise your at-home date nights. The cards ask thought-provoking questions that are designed to deepen your emotional connection to your partner.

    22. This star sign necklace is a great gift if your partner has downloaded multiple horoscope apps.

    23. Whether your S.O. is an amateur or expert artist, they'll love these popular watercolour brush pens.

    24. It is a truth universally acknowledged that these romantic Jane Austen tarot cards are a one-of-a-kind gift – they also double as playing cards!

    25. Your S.O. is out of this world, so treat them to these delicious Belgian chocolates that are designed to look like the solar system.

    ✨Under £50✨

    26. Fill this personalised keepsake box with memories of your favourite adventures as a couple!

    27. This spa gift basket has everything they need to have an at-home pamper session. It includes rose-scented essential oils, bath salts, bath bombs, body butter, and more!

    28. This three-month sock subscription kit will keep their feet stylish and cosy.

    29. This massage pillow with four powerful nodes uses a combination of heat and motion to unwind knots and relieve tension. You're basically giving them a personal massage therapist.

    30. For a heartfelt gift, fill this "explosion" memory box with up to 60 photos of you and your partner.

    31. Give them the gift of a good night's sleep with this weighted blanket. It evenly distributes pressure over their body, helping them to relax and fall asleep.

    32. Not only are these dried pink and purple flowers gorgeous, they're also super long-lasting and don't require any water or other forms of plant care.

    33. Give them some royal treatment with the Vera Wang Princess perfume.

    34. If your S.O. loves to cook, then give them this denim apron that you can personalise with their name!

    35. If your boo prefers subtle yet elegant accessories, then they'll appreciate the chic minimalism of this asymmetrical initial necklace.

    36. Make a night in feel like a night out with this pub box that contains six high-quality craft beers and a pub quiz!

    37. Cosiness is the most romantic gift of all, so get them this fluffy wearable blanket that feels like a warm hug. One size fits all!

    38. If you're one of those couples that has "a song", then get them this metallic sound wave print that's basically a visual translation of music. You can personalise it with a message or the date of your anniversary!

    39. This luxury tea sampler will let your favourite person enjoy their favourite beverage! Each sampler contains three loose leaf teas: saffron masala chai, sweet Himalayan green tea, and Earl Grey masala chai.s

    40. Get them a floral subscription that will send them a box of seasonal flowers every month.

    41. Preserve eight of your favourite memories as a couple in this whimsical planisphere.