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    45 Of The Best Gifts Under £10 That You Can Get On Amazon

    Including a delicious cheese-making kit!

    1. A constellation necklace that just might leave your astrology-obsessed friend starry-eyed.

    2. A lightweight, waterproof picnic blanket that folds up into a tiny bag that they can slip into their pocket.

    3. A hilarious bath fizzer that's shaped like the iconic orange sofa from Friends.

    4. A genius keychain that they can use to open doors without directly touching them. It also works on touchscreens!

    5. A wine thermometer that will make sure they always drink their vino at the perfect temperature.

    6. A pair of minimalist best friend rings – one has a tiny engraved moon and the other has a tiny sun!

    7. A Frida Kahlo planter that will make their cactus feel like a work of art.

    8. A minimalist drawing of holding hands that you can personalise with the names of you and your significant other. It also makes a thoughtful gift for your favourite couple!

    9. A versatile and stylish corduroy bag that they'll probably use every single day this summer.

    10. An adorable hug token that will remind them how much you miss them.

    11. An Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener that's guaranteed to thrill any Marvel fan.

    12. A hanging prism that will scatter little rainbows around their room on a sunny day.

    13. These heart-shaped leather bookmarks that will save their page in an aesthetically pleasing way.

    14. A rolling massager, so they can get a spa-quality foot massage from the comfort of their own home.

    15. Some seed balls that will grow gorgeous, bee-friendly wildflowers.

    16. A pair of whimsical earrings that look like bubble tea, AKA the best beverage of all time.

    17. Some fake succulents, so your friend can achieve a plant aesthetic without the burden of keeping them alive. Not all of us have green thumbs!

    18. A cute leaf ring that's stunning AF and costs less than £9.

    19. A glitzy multicoloured headband, because rhinestones are a girl's best friend.

    20. These quirky scissor hair slides that will make any hairstyle seem cutting edge.

    21. A Mama Bear mug because if anyone deserves a great cup of tea, it's mums.

    22. An adorable hamster keychain that redefines what it means to be fluffy.

    23. A dual-ended eyeliner stamp that will give them an instant symmetrical cat-eye.

    24. A tentacle ring that will help them channel their inner Ursula (Ariel may have been the protagonist of The Little Mermaid, but Ursula was the icon).

    25. This chic faux pearl hair clip that makes any ‘do look ten times fancier.

    26. Some fairy lights for your friend who just moved into a new flat. They’re a quick and easy way to decorate any space!

    27. Three boxes of cocoa-dusted truffles, because who doesn't love getting chocolate? Seriously, who?

    28. A running belt so they can bring their phone, keys, and cards with them on a jog while keeping their hands free.

    29. A pair of quirky astronaut earrings that are truly out of this world.

    30. A cup holder that they can clip onto their desk, so they'll never accidentally knock over their mug and spill coffee on their laptop. It's the perfect practical gift for anyone who works from home!

    31. A beginner-friendly embroidery kit that has everything they need to stitch a stunning floral design.

    32. A pancake cookbook featuring 70 delicious recipes – whether you prefer sweet or savoury!

    33. This popular scalp massager that will give you the best head scratch of your life.

    34. A tasty cooking kit that has everything they need to turn lean beef into delicious jerky.

    35. Some bath fizzers that look like doughnuts and are made with vegan-friendly ingredients! Each "doughnut" contains moisturising shea butter and a soothing essential oil.

    36. A hilarious "cereal killer" spoon that will delight true crime fans and cereal enthusiasts alike.

    37. A pack of 50 stickers from The Office that they can use to decorate their laptop and water bottle.

    38. This Vogue adult colouring book, created by fashion editor Ian Webb, that will give them a hobby that's both relaxing and fashion forward.

    39. A pen that looks ordinary but is secretly a multitool. They can use it as a screwdriver, ruler, and level!

    40. These puppy socks that are a pawsome gift for any dog parent.

    41. A cheesemaking kit that will help them make goat, mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, and burrata cheese from scratch.

    42. These versatile jacket earrings that can be styled in three different ways.

    43. A popular massage ball that's so good at its job, it got over 6,000 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.3 stars.

    44. A gin-making kit that will turn boring vodka into an artisanal spirit.

    45. Some tiny elephant candles that will make an unforgettable gift.