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18 Of The Best Dresses From Amazon That'll Cost You Less Than £25

Get in losers, we're going shopping.

Welcome to 💐 Spring Style Week 💐 ! With lockdown measures easing and things opening up, it's the perfect opportunity to start dressing up again. For the rest of this week we will be rounding up the best style pieces for picnics, the pub, and beyond!

1. A romantic Bohemian mini dress with long sleeves that might just become your perfect first date outfit.

2. A playful pinafore dress that you can layer over your tops for a cute and versatile look!

3. A simple-yet-stunning button down dress that has pockets, so you can say "thanks, it has pockets!" whenever you get a compliment on it.

4. A belted knee-length dress that you can wear with tights during colder days.

5. A T-shirt dress with a tied waist that looks super fashionable but feels like you're wearing your comfiest pair of pyjamas.

6. A maxi dress with a fun striped skirt that has adjustable straps, so you can make sure it fits perfectly.

7. A fun mini dress with a stretchy elastic waist that's sure to get you loads of compliments at your next picnic.

8. A charming LBD with a high-low hemline, because black is a spring colour.

9. An off-the-shoulder polka dot dress with batwing sleeves, because who doesn't love a dramatic sleeve?

10. A floral print button-down dress that comes in so many different colours and patterns, you're basically guaranteed to find a version that you like. Plus, it has pockets!

11. A gorgeous maxi dress that will make you feel like you're on holiday every time you wear it.

12. A floral dress that manages to be casual and cute.

13. A sleeveless, cherry print dress that's the perfect balance between a modern silhouette and a retro-inspired print.

14. A black party dress with a pattern of electric blue roses that gives an edgy twist on traditional floral patterns. Sometimes, florals for spring can be groundbreaking.

15. A classic wrap dress with a V-neck that's incredible versatile. It's comfy and professional enough to wear on a work call, but chic enough to wear to an outdoor event!

16. A sleeveless midi dress that's so gorgeous, you'll want to wear it eight days a week.

17. A whimsical maxi dress that comes in every colour of the rainbow, so why not get more than one?

18. A leopard print tunic that's wildly popular (seriously, it has over 1,000 reviews).