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    37 Of The Best Gifts That You Can Get For £20 Or Less On Amazon

    Including some gourmet hot sauce!

    1. A personalised name plate in the iconic Disney font that just might be the answer to the wish their heart made. It's a fun desk accessory for any adult Disney fan!

    2. Some tiny elephant candles that will make an unforgettable gift.

    3. A set of four flavoured pink gins so they can have a G&T night that's worthy of Elle Woods.

    4. A contoured sleep mask that has Bluetooth, so they can doze off to their favourite podcast in ultimate comfort.

    5. Gamish by Edward Ross, a graphic novel that tells the history of gaming, from the 1950s to the modern era.

    6. A pair of rimless reflective sunglasses that will protect their eyes in style.

    7. A Frida Kahlo planter that will make their cactus feel like a work of art.

    8. A clutch bag that looks like a spirit board, for your friend whose aesthetic can best be described as "supernatural-chic."

    9. A Garnier sheet mask pack for their face and eyes, giving them the at-home spa day that they deserve.

    10. A tasting selection of gourmet popcorn from Joe & Seph that will make their at-home movie night feel like a high class event.

    11. A deck of movie tarot cards that's a perfect gift for any cinephile. It features classic films like The Princess Bride, The Sound of Music, and Beetlejuice.

    12. Or these Jane Austen tarot cards that will delight anybody who rereads Pride and Prejudice at least once a year. They can also use the deck as regular playing cards!

    13. A bath pillow that will keep their head and neck comfortable, so they can truly relax.

    14. A bee hotel that will help bring some pollinators to their garden, helping it thrive.

    15. Some gourmet coffee that they can brew in the bag, so they can have high quality caffeine anywhere they go.

    16. An infinity necklace for your BFF, because your friendship is forever.

    17. A bookmark that will remind your favourite bookworm just how powerful she is.

    18. Some stylish glasses that block blue light to help prevent headaches. It's a thoughtful gift that they'll actually end up using all the time!

    19. A whisky blending kit so they can create their own unique flavour of scotch.

    20. A set of 100 literary postcards that they can keep for themselves as decoration or send out to their friends.

    21. A gnocchi making kit that will have them whipping up delicious artisanal pasta in no time! And since you might get to eat some of their homemade pasta, it's really a gift for you too!

    22. A rolling foot massager that's the perfect gift for people who love going on long walks but hate getting sore feet afterwards.

    23. A set of 12 gourmet hot sauces for your friend who doesn't believe in the concept of "too spicy".

    24. A set of four bath bombs and two scented candles that will turn their regular baths into a luxury spa experience.

    25. Or, if they don't have a bath, a set of six shower steamers and two scented candles will do the trick.

    26. A gardening kit that has everything they need to grow their own coffee plant. It's a perfect gift for your favourite caffeine addict!

    27. Some delicious Belgian chocolates that are designed to look like the solar system, because your BFF is out of this world!

    28. A set of popular watercolour brush pens that's both fun and surprisingly easy to use! Their art will go from doodles to masterpieces in no time.

    29. Some wildflower seed bombs that will turn their garden into a sanctuary for bees and butterflies.

    30. A tie-dye kit, so they can turn their plain old T-shirts and sheets into a fun craft project.

    31. Some leather corner bookmarks that fit onto the corner of the page. It's a pretty yet practical gift for your favourite bookworm!

    32. A brilliant bracelet that will help you feel close to your long-distance BFF.

    33. A constellation necklace that just might leave your astrology-obsessed friend starry-eyed.

    34. These quirky scissor hair slides that will make any hairstyle seem cutting edge.

    35. A beginner-friendly embroidery kit that has everything they need to stitch a stunning floral design.

    36. A music box that plays "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" that you can give to your S.O. on their birthday, your anniversary, or for no reason in particular.

    37. Finally, a stunning necklace that you can customise with their very own birth flower!