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    54 Of Best Gifts On Amazon That You Can Buy For Less Than £20

    Including a make-your-own gnocchi kit!

    1. A gnocchi making kit that will have them whipping up delicious artisanal pasta in no time! And since you might get to eat some of their homemade pasta, it's really a gift for you too!

    2. A rolling foot massager that's the perfect gift for people who love going on long walks but hate getting sore feet afterwards.

    3. A simple yet stunning necklace that you can personalise with the constellation of their horoscope. It's a striking accessory for any amateur astrologist!

    4. A set of four bath bombs and two scented candles that will turn their regular baths into a luxury spa experience.

    5. Or, if they don't have a bath, a set of six shower steamers and two scented candles will do the trick.

    6. This sticker pack inspired by The Office for your friend who still blurts out "that's what she said!" after each accidental innuendo.

    7. A compact, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, so they can listen to music in the shower! It's small enough to fit in their pocket which makes it perfect for day trips and picnics.

    8. A gardening kit that has everything they need to grow their own coffee plant. It's a perfect gift for your favourite caffeine addict!

    9. An adorable hug token that will remind them how much you miss them!

    10. An asymmetrical pair of planet and moon earrings that will make them feel like "Space Girl" was written about them.

    11. A cute leaf ring that's stunning AF and costs less than £9.

    12. Some leather corner bookmarks that fit onto the corner of the page. It's a pretty yet practical gift for your favourite bookworm!

    13. A Pukka tea selection box that contains 45 sachets of relaxing herbal tea.

    14. A brilliant bracelet that will help you feel close to your long-distance BFF.

    15. Some flowering teas that bloom in hot water, because tea time should be an ~ aesthetic experience ~.

    16. An iPhone case that will make their phone resemble the iconic Friends door. Could this case be any cuter?

    17. A rather bewitching mug that will make any tea, coffee, or potion taste magically delicious.

    18. A hilarious miniature inflatable tube guy for their desk that will make them laugh every time they see it.

    19. A Central Perk coffee mug for your friend who's been there for you when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.

    20. A delicious chocolate box with 24 miniature bars of of Green and Black's milk, dark, and white chocolate.

    21. An adorable hamster keychain that redefines what it means to be fluffy.

    22. A tentacle ring that will help them channel their inner Ursula.

    23. A dual-ended eyeliner stamp that will give them an instant symmetrical cat-eye.

    24. A scalp massager that, judging by the 2,000+ five-star reviews, will give them the *ultimate* head scratch.

    25. A glitzy multicoloured headband, because rhinestones are a girl's best friend.

    26. A 'One Line A Day' journal that will chronicle their moods, memories, and misadventures for five years.

    27. A pair of minimalist stud earrings that might just steal their heart.

    28. A set of three scented candles that look as amazing as they smell. The fragrances included are lavender, rose, and vanilla honey!

    29. An adorable sloth eye mask to take their naps to the next level – don't be slow to get them this gift!

    30. A wire-bound cactus notebook that's perfect for anyone whose entire aesthetic is plants.

    31. Some delicious Belgian chocolates that are designed to look like the solar system, because your BFF is out of this world!

    32. Some fun socks depicting famous paintings, because they deserve some wearable art.

    33. A beginner-friendly lettering and calligraphy book that will help them unleash their creative side and start a new hobby!

    34. Red, White, And Royal Blue, because who doesn't want to read a romance between the son of the President of the United States and the son of the Prime Minister? It's a trans-Atlantic queer romance that should be on everyone's book list this spring.

    35. Some adorable astronaut earrings, so they know that you love them all the way to the moon and back.

    36. A novelty grow-your-own sloth that grows up to six times its own size when left in water.

    37. A beginner-friendly embroidery kit that comes with everything they need to stitch three gorgeous patterns!

    38. A deck of movie tarot cards that's a perfect gift for any cinephile. It features classic films like The Princess Bride, The Sound of Music, and Beetlejuice.

    39. A set of popular watercolour brush pens that's both fun and surprisingly easy to use! Their art will go from doodles to masterpieces in no time.

    40. A set of four flavoured pink gins so they can have a G&T night that's worthy of Elle Woods.

    41. An Among Us-inspired plushie that's so cute, only an imposter wouldn't want it.

    42. A gross-yet-satisfying foot peel mask that will help make up for the fact that they haven't had a pedicure since the first lockdown.

    43. A Totoro keychain that might not guard the forest, but will guard their keys.

    44. A wine aerator that will make a £5 bottle taste like an expensive vintage from an Italian vineyard.

    45. A set of three tarot tapestries that will make their boring, blank walls look fun and retro.

    46. Some soothing hand creams that will relieve dry or cracked skin.

    47. A unique secret message bracelet that says "Keep Going" in Morse code! You can also select messages like "Partner in Crime" and "Fearless".

    48. A gorgeous carved wooden box for earrings, rings, or knick knacks.

    49. A scratch-off bucket list poster with 100 classic films that everyone should see.

    50. An infinity necklace for your BFF, because your friendship is forever.

    51. A Garnier sheet mask pack for their face and eyes, giving them the at-home spa day that they deserve.

    52. Some wildflower seed bombs that will turn their garden into a sanctuary for bees and butterflies.

    53. A tie-dye kit, so they can turn their plain old T-shirts and sheets into a fun craft project.

    54. An incredibly comfy pair of fluffy slippers that will make them feel like they're walking on a cloud.