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    21 Things That Just Might Take Your Bedroom From Meh To Magnificent In 2021

    Make your bedroom your favourite room in the house!

    1. This set of geometric-patterned suitcases are a stylish way to store knick-knacks, photos, and other memorabilia that you don't really know where to put.

    2. You can use this stick-on bedside shelf for your phone, glasses, or any other small item that you'd like to keep near your bed.

    3. This watercolour world map tapestry will quickly cover up *that* boring wall without causing any damage, so it's an ideal decoration for renters.

    4. This LED moon lamp would look out of this world on your bedside table – every night you can read by the light of the moon!

    5. These fairy lights with photo clips will light up your room and display some of your favourite memories.

    6. These artificial succulents that actually look pretty real are perfect for people who love the aesthetic of plants but struggle to keep them alive.

    7. This woven laundry basket will actually add to the aesthetic of your room instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. You can also use it as a linens basket or for storage!

    8. This adorable cloud lamp is so cute you'll want to buy ten of them.

    9. This woven rainbow wall hanging would look simply splendid hanging over your desk.

    10. These tan and ivory throw blankets will make your bed cosy AND cute.

    11. These drawer organisers will turn your wardrobe from a place of chaos and lost socks into an organised system that lets you easily and quickly find the exact article of clothing you're looking for.

    12. This essential oil diffuser will make your room smell amazing and humidify the air so your skin won't dry out during the cold weather.

    13. Spruce up your walls without damaging them with these fun flamingo decals.

    14. This small, Moroccan-style rug will both protect and decorate your floor.

    15. This bamboo ladder shelf can be used to display your plants or organise your books!

    16. These woven storage baskets are a rustic and charming alternative to typical storage containers. They're both functional and decorative!

    17. This Sass & Belle moon phase planter will give your plant the celestial home it deserves.

    18. And why not further spoil your plants with this retro-style plant-mister that's way more aesthetically pleasing than a plastic watering can?

    19. These colour-changing LED strips are way more fun (and flattering) than overhead lighting. You can also use the strips to backlight your screens which can reduce eyestrain!

    20. These macramé wall hangings will instantly give your entire bedroom a bohemian vibe.

    21. Or if you prefer a more colourful option, then this yellow macramé wall hanging might be for you.