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    25 Little Things Under £16 To Help Transform Your Bedroom

    Because you deserve a better bedroom.

    1. Your wall and this vibrant Amy Winehouse print belong together.

    2. Loving this elegant lunar garland isn't just a phase.

    3. These minimalist mountain ornaments would look great on a desk or bookshelf.

    4. You might just go moon-eyed for this simple and celestial neon light.

    5. You get 12 of these little succulent candles, so you can dot them around every room in your house!

    6. Make your room smell simply amazing with this vanilla and coconut candle.

    7. This mermaid tail trinket dish will certainly make a splash in your room.

    8. Cover your boring walls with this attractive abstract tapestry.

    9. This neon cactus light won't desert you.

    10. These rustic succulent pots are a must for any plant-mum.

    11. Light up your room AND display your photos with these multipurpose string lights.

    12. This hand-poured, made-in-the-UK candle will leave your room smelling like bay and rosemary.

    13. This rose lamp will turn your boring desk into a magical garden.

    14. These three hanging mirrors will reflect the fact that you have great taste.

    15. This retro lamp is the perfect way to add a bit of elegant whimsy to your style.

    16. This black and white night sky print looks gorgeous framed or unframed.

    17. This simple, heart-shaped trinket dish is cute yet subtle.

    18. This little throw rug will change a boring chair into a stylish and fluffy seating experience.

    19. This bohemian wall hanging is a fast and easy way to add some colour to your room.

    20. This lavender spray may not change how your room looks but it will change how it smells. Just spritz a little bit into the air or directly onto your pillow for some relaxing aromatherapy.

    21. You'll love this stunning touch lamp all the way to the moon and back.

    22. This minimalist Billie Holiday print is perfect for any jazz lover.

    23. These artificial succulents are a low-maintenance decoration that's perfect for people who simply cannot keep a plant alive.

    24. This tarot card tapestry is a great way to decorate your walls without damaging them.

    25. This charming stag-shaped ring holder is decorative AND functional.