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    21 Beauty Products With Gross But Satisfying Results

    I can't look away!

    1. This blackhead vacuum uses suction to get the gunk out of your pores.

    2. Will this clear mask hydrate and cleanse your skin? Yes. Will it make you look like Christian Bale from American Psycho? Also, yes.

    3. This peel-off liquid latex makes doing your nails a breeze.

    4. This exfoliating foot mask may be unsightly, but it will leave your feet smooth and callus free.

    5. If you choose to remove body and facial hair, this handy device is great for painlessly removing hair in sensitive areas like your upper lip or bikini line.

    6. This electronic facial spatula gently scrapes off dead skin.

    7. This lip scrub exfoliates all the dead skin on your lips.

    8. This peel-off charcoal mask lets you see all the nasty stuff that was clogging up your pores.

    9. These pimple patches bring your spots to a head overnight and absorb secretions from your pores.

    10. This nail clipper catches and gathers your nail clippings so they don't go flying all over the place.

    11. This copper tongue scraper keeps your breath fragrant and your tongue pink by removing loads of bacteria.

    12. Most blackheads cluster around your nose. These nose strips peel your blackheads off and clean out your pores.

    13. This six-in-one extraction kit can tackle blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, and more.

    14. This exfoliating mitt will remove so much dead skin you'll be impressed by its grossness.

    15. This wax kit is designed to get rid of your nostril hairs.

    16. This powerful ointment eliminates most types of warts, including plantar warts.

    17. This washcloth doesn't need makeup remover to clean away full face of makeup. Plus, getting to see all your foundation come off onto this is weirdly satisfying.

    18. This peel-off brow gel temporarily tints your eyebrows.

    19. Theses bamboo and charcoal blotting tissues are a great way to get rid of midday shine, but prepare to be mildly put off by seeing how much oil was on your face.

    20. This electric foot file exfoliates hard skin and calluses. Say goodbye to dry, cracked feet!

    21. Charcoal toothpaste will brighten your smile, but the black foam will make you look like you're rabid and/or possessed by a demon when you're brushing your teeth.