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    23 Beauty Products That Cost £5 Or Less

    Who says you can't treat yourself on a budget?

    1. This little spa gift set has a luxurious body lotion and a refreshing body scrub. It's vegan-friendly as well as microbead AND paraben free.

    2. Destress with these Himalayan bath salts infused with relaxing jasmine and chamomile essential oils.

    3. This fun set of twelve makeup brushes combines practicality with cuteness.

    4. Get a frictionless shave with this moisturising shaving gel. It contains hydrating ingredients like seaweed extract and aloe vera, so it will soothe even the dryest of skin.

    5. This lavender soap is vegan, handmade, and free from parabens.

    6. This bold L'Oreal lipstick is a great way to add a pop of colour to your look.

    7. This roll-on perfume oil has a warm and feminine fragrance that's long-lasting.

    8. Keep your hands soft and smooth with Burt's Bees lavender and honey hand cream.

    9. For longer, thicker lashes, try this eyelash serum with rave reviews.

    10. This shiny nail polish dries in under 60 seconds.

    11. Give your manicure a festive twist with these Christmas nail decals.

    12. This hydrating cuticle oil can be applied over a manicure or on bare nails. The combination of vitamin E and almond oil will leave your nails looking healthier than ever.

    13. This makeup brush by Real Techniques has 4.5 stars on Amazon with 1,185 reviews.

    14. Make your hair soft and shiny with this hair oil spray, blended with six flower extracts.

    15. Get a smooth finish with this makeup sponge.

    16. This textured silicone mat quickly and effectively cleans your brushes, so you can switch colours without switching brushes.

    17. Winter air can wreak havoc on your lips. Apply this lip conditioner at night and wake up with moisturised and smooth lips.

    18. Touch up your makeup anytime, anywhere with these adorable pocket mirrors. They come in eight different designs!

    19. This organic honey cinnamon body scrub is a great way to add a bit of luxury to your shower routine and keep your skin smooth in the winter season.

    20. This satisfying facial hair razor can be used to sculpt eyebrows, remove peach fuzz, and to gently get rid of dead skin on your face.

    21. Have an at-home spa day with this pomegranate face mask from Garnier.

    22. Make your eyebrows look fuller and darker with this popular eyebrow dye kit.

    23. Keep your makeup sponge dry and hygienic with one of these adorable makeup sponge stands. There's a chic minimalist one and a cute footed version!