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    21 Amazon Products That Do Their Job So Well, They Got Over 10,000 Reviews

    Here's to the heroes who leave online reviews!

    1. This wildly popular shampoo brush that stimulates the scalp, helps to evenly distribute product through wet hair, and – according to the reviews – is an effective way to decrease dandruff.

    2. Some colourful reusable silicone cupcake liners that don't need grease or cooking spray.

    3. This tiny yet powerful electric fan that's portable, so it can keep you cool wherever you go.

    4. Some velvet scrunchies so you can put your hair up without worrying about causing breakage or frizziness.

    5. A rolling brush that will quickly and easily remove pet fur from your furniture, carpets, and clothes.

    6. A lavender-hued detangling brush that you can use on wet or dry hair. Thanks to its flexible bristles, it glides painlessly through your hair without creating breakage or frizz.

    7. This cutlery organiser that's an aesthetically pleasing way to maximise precious drawer space.

    8. This kitchen sink caddy that will keep all your washing-up bits and bobs organised and sanitary, because the things that clean your dishes should also be clean.

    9. These hooks for your car that hang from the headrests and add a bit of storage to your backseat.

    10. This handy fabric shaver that has an adjustable blade so you can remove large and small bobbles from any type of clothing.

    11. This leak-proof pet water bottle that will help to keep your dog hydrated on long walks or in hot weather.

    12. Some facial razors that you can use to exfoliate away dead cells, remove peach fuzz, AND shape your brows.

    13. A grout pen to make your old tiles look brand new and prevent mould.

    14. These reusable oven liners that prevent drips and spills from hardening onto your oven base. You can clean them in the dishwasher or by hand with soapy water!

    15. Get rid of that dark grime in your shower with this foaming mould remover spray that can also tackle fungi and algae growth.

    16. This 52-week guided gratitude journal that uses a combination of inspirational quotes, reflective prompts, and weekly checkpoints to help you develop more positive thinking habits.

    17. This powerful electric cleaning brush that does all the hard scrubbing for you, instantly removing the most persistent of grime. Thanks to its small size, it can clean tricky spots like the corner of your microwave!

    18. A super popular vitamin C facial serum with over 50,000 reviews that helps even out your complexion.

    19. A jewellery cleaning pen that will make your old jewellery shine like new.

    20. A popular extraction kit that can tackle even the toughest blackheads and spots.

    21. These colour-changing LED strips that you can use to backlight your screens to reduce eye strain.