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An All-New "Series Of Unfortunate Events" Is Coming To Netflix

An exclusive interview with Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, on his best-selling books becoming a live-action series on Netflix.

Deadline has announced that Netflix will be adapting Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events! HOORAY!

After hearing the news I emailed Handler, who is a friend and is currently on tour in support of his All The Wrong Questions series, to ask him a few questions.

How excited are you right now?

Daniel Handler: Quite. I've been told it's too early in the day for champagne, but I might not be able to wait until noon.

How did this deal come about?

DH: I believe Netflix honcho Cindy Holland has read the Unfortunate Events books to her niece. While Child Services looked into the matter, we decided to work together.

What's your favorite current Netflix series?

DH: I'm waiting for Claire Underwood to be sent to prison for a very special crossover episode of House of Orange Cards.

How much input will you have? Will you be working closely with the team at Netflix that will be developing the show?

DH: Right now we're all working closely to find the right director so that it might be developed accordingly. Hey, interesting directors, stop reading Buzzfeed and call us!

Who would your dream casting be?

DH: As Count Olaf, James Mason. In 1949. You can see why my involvement may or may not be welcome.

Will this mean even more Snicket books?

DH: I have no plans to stop writing books, if that's what you're asking. But if one can learn anything from A Series of Unfortunate Events, it's that dreadful things can happen at any moment, so I could die before I even finish typing the end of this se

Daniel Handler's new novel, We Are Pirates (which is not yet a television series), will hit stores in February of next year.