31 Reasons You Should Never Read During The Summer

    It's summer! Who has time for books?

    1. It's finally summer! Hooray!

    2. So it's time to put away the books...

    3. And get outside!

    4. Because the beach is for suntanning...

    5. Not reading.

    6. Just like the woods are for hiking...

    7. Not books.

    8. Same goes for relaxing in the grass.

    9. Or resting by a quiet river.

    10. Yep. Summer vacation and reading just don't mix.

    11. Besides, who has time to read with all their summer travel?

    12. And you definitely aren't going to make any new summer friends if you never put down your book.

    13. Plus we all know that summer is a time for bonding with your family, not getting lost in some story.

    14. So quit reading to those kids. It's summer!

    15. Books can't hold kids' attention anyhow.

    16. And let's pray they don't have any assigned summer reading.

    17. It's hard to find a good book in general, so why even try?

    18. There are like, no good books.

    19. Even if you do manage to find a book you like, how are you going to get any fresh air while you're stuck inside reading?

    20. Summers are for adventures...

    21. Not boring stories...

    22. Where nothing happens...

    23. With no romance...

    24. No heartbreak...

    25. And no dragons...

    26. Yep! Books are the worst and in no way magical.

    27. Seriously, reading will add absolutely no value to your summer.

    28. So forget it. Because the classics aren't worth it.

    29. And contemporary fiction's just a waste of time.

    30. So please, put down the book.

    31. And go enjoy your summer!

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