21 Things Only People From Small Towns Will Understand

“Well, I was born in a small town…”

1. Knowing everyone and everyone knowing you.

Whether you like it or not.

2. Accepting that nosy neighbors are just a part of life.

Mind your own damn…ah, never mind.

3. Having a do-it-yourself attitude that you apply to basically everything.

Can I fix this? Yes.

4. Including making your own fun.

Who needs a mall? Or a movie theater? Or a downtown? Or a stoplight?

5. Driving nowhere with your friends for no good reason.

6. Driving nowhere by yourself for no good reason.

Probably while listening to the only radio station in town.

7. Driving that specific stretch of road you always drive by yourself when you need to get some thinking done.

8. Off-roading.

Less thinking. More fun.

9. Making out in the woods.

10. Smoking cigarettes in the woods.

11. Drinking beer in the woods.

12. Doing anything in the woods, really.

13. Having hometown pride.

14. And hating the shit out of the next town over.

15. Playing with fireworks whenever you damn well please.

The way God intended.

…of distracting yourself.

18. Being able to see the stars at night.

You’re probably in the woods again.

19. And maybe wishing on one of those stars that one day you might leave.

20. Being absolutely terrified that you’ll never make it out.

21. But knowing in your heart, whether you stay…

That your small town helped make you who you are today.

Thank you.

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