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11 Reasons Books Are Better Valentines Than People

A library card is the only Valentine's Day card you need.

1. There's no bad way to pick up a book.

2. You don't have to get dressed up for a book.

3. A book doesn't need reservations (it can take you anywhere).

4. A book will never stand you up (unless you forget it at home).

5. You don't have to share your wine with a book (spilling doesn't count).

6. You can read numerous books at the same time and nobody judges you.

7. A good book is guaranteed to keep you up all night.

8. You won't get mad at your friend for reading the same book.

9. You don't have to introduce a book to your parents (unless you think they should read it too).

10. If a book makes you cry, it's only because it was so good.

11. When it's all over, you know exactly where to find the next one.


Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! From all of us book lovers here at BuzzFeed to all of you book lovers everywhere.

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