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These 17 Inappropriate Pumpkins Will Make You Feel Things

Quit being sexy! You are a pumpkin!

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Pumpkin, why?

2. I didn't need to see this, pumpkin.

3. WTF, pumpkin?

Put some damn pants on.


Damn, pumpkin. You are being nasty!

5. I don't want to see folks getting messy when I look at your front porch, pumpkin.

6. I am pro positive, feminist sex work, pumpkin, but I am NOT pro whatever this is.

7. That is not the smiling face of a Jack-O'-Lantern.

Jesus, pumpkin.

8. What is that? A pumpkin person having sex with a lady pumpkin person? C'mon, pumpkin!

Give me a break.

9. Why can't you just be chill like all your pumpkin friends, pumpkin?

"Sex!" Yeah, yeah we get it.

10. Also, is doggy style the only move you know, pumpkins?

11. C'mon, pumpkins. Switch it up.

12. There you go!

Although I've got questions about that hat.

13. Ok, pumpkins. Maybe I'm being a little prude. Nice use of fishnets.

14. I mean, really, who am I to judge?

Extra points for the bat.

15. "Jack-Off-Lantern" ... 😂

Ok, you got me, pumpkin.

16. Get nasty if you want to, ya goofy gourds.

17. That's right, pumpkin. You do you.


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