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19 Hilarious Jokes All Book Nerds Will Appreciate

"Bookmark? You mean quitter strip?"

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2. This rewrite of a classic Divinyls song:

3. This accurate name for a bookmark:

4. This all-too-relatable statement:

6. This Great Gatsby reference:

8. This very special dinosaur:

10. This not-so-hyperbolic statement:

12. This Sean Connery–inspired jest:

13. This very ~scary~ story:

14. This weight-loss wisecrack:

15. This perfect moment when The Fault in Our Stars met Cards Against Humanity:

16. These desired GoodReads categories:

18. This calendar wisecrack:


The Divinyls sing the song referenced in joke number two. Originally the song had been credited to Madonna. We apologize for this gross inaccuracy.

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