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    Your New Favorite Storytelling Website Is All About Books

    Hey, I just read you / And this is crazy / But here's my number / So call me, Ishmael! is a fascinating and fantastic new way to celebrate books:

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    The concept is simple:

    Step #1. Call Ishmael's number: 774.325.0503. It goes straight to voicemail. Step #2.Listen to Ishmael's short answering machine message. It changes weekly.Step #3.Leave a voicemail about a book you love and a story you have lived.

    So basically it's an audio version of Whisper for book lovers, the results of which are beautiful.

    Whether a story about looking up the definition of "heartache" in a gifted dictionary...

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    ...or learning about prejudice in the time of the Civil Rights Movement with some help from Dr. Seuss...

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    ...or receiving a time-traveling book recommendation from a dead friend...

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    ...the stories of Call Me Ishmael are as enjoyable and moving as the books they are about. You can listen to more here.

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