28 Reasons You Should Stay Inside And Read A Book

    Like you need an excuse.

    1. Nobody loves a blizzard.

    2. But a snowstorm is the perfect time to put a dent in your To Read list.

    3. (No matter how long your To Read list is.)

    4. Because nothing beats snuggling up with a good book and a warm cup of cocoa.

    5. Or tea.

    6. Or coffee.

    7. Or espresso.

    8. Whatever works for you, really.

    9. (Especially if it's a hot toddy.)

    10. Because building a book fort beats building a snow fort.

    11. (And a snowy day is the perfect time to work on said fort's structural integrity.)

    12. Because when's the last time you curled up with your favorite stuffed animal and read a book?

    13. Not to mention your pet.

    14. "Seriously, why don't you stay in and do this every day? I do."

    15. No stuffed animal or pets? Cuddling up with a bowl of your favorite cereal and a book counts too.

    16. So put on your warmest pajamas.

    17. And slip into your comfiest socks.

    18. Make a delicious snack to go with that hot cocoa.

    19. (Orange slices will help keep away the cold that's been going around your office.)

    20. And bury yourself deep under a blanket of books.

    21. Because it's time to read until you fall asleep.

    22. And if you wake up to even more blizzard?

    23. Well, then there's nothing wrong with grabbing a mimosa.

    24. Or coffee.

    25. Or tea.

    26. Or hot cocoa.

    27. (And maybe some doughnuts.)

    28. And doing it all over again.

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