23 First Tweets From Famous Authors

    There's no time like the first time.

    1. John Green finally caved:

    2. Amy Tan wanted to turn a new page:

    I've reached the limit on how many Facebook friends I can add. So here is a new page.

    3. Stephen King hoped the Twitterverse would treat him kindly:

    My first tweet. No longer a virgin. Be gentle!

    4. J.K. Rowling came to set the record straight:

    I am told that people have been twittering on my behalf, so I thought a brief visit was in order just to prevent any more confusion!

    5. Margaret Atwood was preparing to publish The Year of the Flood:

    Finishing the website entries for my fall novel The Year of the Flood.

    6. Salman Rushdie wanted to place some blame:

    @ShitHomemaker - this is my first tweet and it's your fault.

    7. R.L. Stine was being classy af:

    Attended Kennedy Center Honors last night. Springsteen... Robert De Niro... Mel Brooks. Very glam evening. Hard to be scary in a TUX!

    8. Rainbow Rowell was contemplating the new form:

    Thinking that this is kind of like writing a headline. Without worrying about bad breaks.

    9. Joyce Carol Oates quoted Oliver Stone:

    Last night at the Norman Mailer Award Ceremony in NYC, Oliver Stone said beautifully: "A serious writer is a rebel."

    10. Colson Whitehead responded to a warm welcome:

    11. Judy Blume was picking out the perfect handle:

    I've changed my Tweet name to "realjudy" The other name "judyblume4real" was too long.

    12. John Scalzi stuck to the basics:

    13. Neil Gaiman was celebrating a gift:

    I just opened my present from Dave McKean, The Big Fat Duck Cookbook. Heavy as a stone and beautiful. "See?" he said. "I do read your blog."

    14. As was Paulo Coelho (albeit in Spanish):

    ..un regalo de un amigo y seguidor.. http://www.paulocoelhoblog.com/

    15. Gary Shteyngart pretended to be a furry friend:

    hi, i'm gary shteyngart, a furry 39-year-old immigrant man trapped in a young dachshund's body. LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Augusten Burroughs wanted some Red Bull:

    in towncar on the way to assburger event w/my brother. made driver stop for red bull.

    17. Diana Gabaldon was trying to track down Allan Scott-Douglas:

    @Actor_Allan Rats! You've been pre-empted by the Dept. of Culture! Still like to meet you--got any time this afternoon?

    18. Roxane Gay was on that college professor grind:

    In my office grading and converting student presentations from .dv to .mov

    19. Philip Pullman reviewed a movie:

    Saw Philomena. Judi Dench and Steve Coogan both superb. The story was strong and clearly told, and the camera always in the right place.

    20. Maureen Johnson was putting in work:

    Sitting at my desk, working on Suite Scarlett 2.

    21. Khaled Hosseini just wanted to say hello:

    22. Chris Colfer was insightful out of the gate:

    Productive days lead to boring nights.

    23. And Cheryl Strayed kept it simple: