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23 Things Only People Who Made It Out Of Their Hometown Will Understand

See ya, suckers.

1. The moment you realize you're actually going to do it.

2. Because anywhere but here will do.

3. So you pack up all your things.

4. And burn what you can't take with you.

5. Because you are finally putting it all behind you and never coming back.

6. This is the start of your new life.

7. And sure, moving to a new place can be hard.

8. But all the job hunting.

9. And apartment hunting.

10. And getting lost in this unfamiliar place.

11. Will only make you stronger.

12. And all those people who used to laugh at you?

13. Well, you can barely remember what they look like now.

14. Because you're meeting new people.

15. And making new friends.

16. So while your Facebook feed is filling up with announcements of high school sweethearts getting engaged.

17. And old friends getting pregnant.

18. You're having the time of your life.

19. And sure, sometimes you might get nostalgic for home.

20. Hell, you might even go back and visit.

21. And meet some of those babies you've been hearing so much about.

22. But actually move back?

23. Never.