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    This Vine Of Ice-T Reciting Shakespeare Is Perfection

    Alas, poor Yorick, he got bitch slapped.

    Audible is doing a promotional campaign for its latest audiobook: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, a novelization of Shakespeare's classic play written by A. J. Hartley and David Hewson and narrated by Richard Armitage. The campaign consists of celebrities like Corey Feldman and Greg Grunberg reciting the opening line of Hamlet's famous nunnery scene soliloquy. But, real talk? Everyone should quit trying because Ice-T has nailed it (with the help of some Crystal Head Vodka):

    Yorick got slapped! Feel free to keep that loop playing. There is no shame in embracing its mesmerizing glow.

    You can find more celebrities reciting Shakespeare on Audible's Vine account (but none come close to Ice-T).