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How To Stay In Shape While Playing Video Games And Doing Other Sitting Activities

Gaming has become an incredibly popular past-time and some people use it as a career. In order to promote more physical activity, here are a few ways you can combine the two.

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1. Take advantage of Queue/Loading times

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Almost every game or program has this. Instead of checking your cellphone take full advantage of this time by getting out of your chair and doing a quick session. This may include stretches to relieve your compressed joints and muscles, as many push-ups as you can before the game loads, jumping jacks, and etc. The longer the loading timing, the better the workout.

2. Respawn timers

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In a lot of online video games today, respawning is a common ordeal we must go through in order to start over in a game. Similarly to the above, take advantage of this time by getting the blood flowing! By simply getting up and moving around, you will calm yourself down from the potential rage built up by your teammates and/or opponents and will help you become a better player once you have respawned. With the blood flowing and mind cleared, you are bound to come back stronger than ever.

If you are a newbie, you're in luck because more respawns means more exercise. Also, apart from helping you become more fit, following this strict guideline will help you become a better player as it helps you respawn less during games and therefore helping you become a more resilient player.

3. Stay Hydrated

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Gaming can be both mentally and physically demanding and games such as Dota2 can go for as long as 60+ minutes so hydration is key. While games can be both a leisure or intensive activity, constant nutrition and hydration will go a long way in both performance and health. Avoid soft drinks and energy drinks as they are high in sugar content.

4. Eat Healthy

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As mentioned, some gaming sessions can be for extended periods of time and pretty much every gamer has encountered the same scenario when your dinner is ready but you're in the middle of an online game. While simply avoiding to play games during that time is most effective, others take unnecessary sacrifices by either forgetting about dinner or eating junk food as an alternative for quick energy. This is both unhealthy and can be worse for your gaming performance than you think. Next time you plan on shopping for your next "gaming meal/snack", drop the munchies and pick up some bananas, nuts, and other wholesome goodness.

5. Be Polite

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Mental health is just as important so to put it bluntly, don't be an ass online. Not only will it improve your overall gaming experience, but it could also promote better teamwork allowing you to achieve things that previously wasn't achievable with the amount of toxic players present in your games. All it takes is a simple greeting and patience to spark the "Canadian" stereotype in border-less gaming networks.

6. Be prepared for ridiculously long games


This one is optional for some, but depending on how much you enjoy gaming, you may come across some games that can take over an entire hour to complete. Sure there are optional pause functions in a lot of online games, but you aren't the only one with the power to pause and unpause, so do everyone else. So with #5, it may be a good strategy to be nice to everyone, including the opponents as having a 3 minute pause can help with going to the washroom quickly or grabbing much needed nutrients.

7. Don't overdo it

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Games are great. They can be used as an source of endless entertainment and for some they cannot live without it as it has become so engrossed with their daily lives, however it's important that you are aware of the amount of hours you put into them. Moderation is key with everything, especially with games as they can take a huge chunk of your life, and health in many cases.

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