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Top 10 Tech-Tastic Roomba Hacks

Your Roomba's first job is to keep your floors nice and clean. Its second job is to provide hours upon hours of entertainment!

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1. Turn your Roomba into an ode to Super Mario!

Iam8bit / Via

2. Make your Roomba a social butterfly with Google Hangouts!

GoogleDevelopers / Via

3. Turn your Roomba into Jackson Pollock by attaching some markers!

Painterben / Via

4. Go way old school and create your own Pac-Man grid!

5. Or for an updated take on an old classic, add some LED lights!

Ryosuke Tajima / Via

6. Instead of whistling while you work, let your Roomba make music while it works for you.

See how it's done.

7. Put the "play" in "playing house" with this Roomba & Kinect hybrid!

Takashi Ogura / Via

8. Your Roomba loves your baby. Why not let it hold it in its arms? Or um... back?

Ryosuke Tajima· / Via

9. Or do your best Dr. Evil impression by adding some lasers!

Ohad Almagor / Via

10. Train your Roomba to be a competitive Robot combatant!

Barnaby James / Via