Every Pet On Every Roomba You’ll Ever Need To See Ever

You know how you’ve always wished someone would compile every important moment of a pet sitting on a Roomba? Well it only makes sense that iRobot, the company behind Roomba, stepped up to the plate. Finally! A robot that can clean your house AND provide hours upon hours of entertainment.

1. This shark that knows he’s the king of his turf.

2. This magician that knows Roombas are perfect for “the big reveal.”

3. This chubby bunny who’s Roomba doubles as a personal trainer.

4. This Chihuahua who prefers this mode of transportation to being carried in your purse.

5. This prairie dog who’s keeping lookout while his friend takes a power nap.

6. This Kitty Cuddle Carpool Service.

7. This parrot who just lost.

8. This big guy who’s still a puppy at heart.

9. This pug who’s all like, “I got it. I got it. I GOT IT… I don’t got it.”

10. This hamster who’s taking lazy to a whole new level.

11. This kitten who is NOT sharing. Sorry she’s not sorry.

12. This daredevil who’s all like, “Mom, could you stop hovering for like ONE second?!”

13. This tortoise who finally gets what the hare was talking about.

14. This aloof guy who doesn’t think this is even that hard.

15. These cats whose owners are evil laser people.

16. These ferrets who are bad at sharing.

17. This pomeranian who is coming. right. at. YOU.

18. This fluffball who needs to watch her head.

19. This turtle who’s FREAKING OUT on the inside.

20. This Dachshund who doesn’t get how he can be in two places at one time.

21. And this little bully who is all om nom nom nom Ouch.

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