12 Times It’s Appropriate To Do The Robot

It’s always appropriate to bust out America’s favorite dance move! Can’t fit doing the robot into your busy schedule? Get yourself a Roomba! Not only will you be taking “doing the robot” to a whole new level, but you’ll also have more time in your day to actually do the robot! It’s a win win.

1. In the 80’s with your best gal pals!

VideoJug / Via youtube.com

2. At your wedding!

A Lee / Via youtube.com

3. In the middle of a soccer game!

BBC Sport / Via youtube.com

4. At a zumba class led by your robot instructor!

polkadotsnz / Via youtube.com

5. When you’re waiting for that important phone call!

6. When you’re making new friends at the hardware store!

edbassmaster / Via youtube.com

7. At a 2001 talent show!

Phil23 / Via youtube.com

8. When you’re wearing your best yellow pants!

moumane tresor / Via youtube.com

9. When you’re stuck in a video game / nightmare!

beyre83 / Via youtube.com

10. When you’re Megan Fox and you have a pole going through you!

MEGAN FOX / Via youtube.com

11. When you’re an extremely competitive toddler!

Lifetime/ Dance Moms / Via youtube.com

12. Boys’ night!

Edward Chang / Via youtube.com

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