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    People Per Hours Top 7 Freelancers

    People per Hour is one of the top freelancing communities in the UK and home to numerous great freelancers. If you’re looking for people to do your SEO, web design, graphic artist work or otherwise then People per Hour is the place to come to get it done. There are over 600,000 different people on the site, which often makes it quite hard to choose, so we thought that we’d compile a list of the very best freelancers on People per Hour for your different needs. These are the People per Hour freelancers who have been tested and delivered time and time again. So, who are they?

    Cormac Reynolds – People per Hour SEO Freelancer


    Cormac has been on People per Hour for a number of years now and has worked on a variety of SEO and also content creation projects. He is a link building specialist and well renowned for his ability to deliver results and more traffic on the site. With over 600 reviews it can be safely said that he is a tried and trusted SEO freelancer and certainly one of the most highly regarded on People per Hour. This has led to him working on many projects on the People per Hour site and also offsite through his own company myonlinemarketer. He is also contactable through Linkedin and @brightoncormac on Twitter. If you’re looking for a SEO freelancer – he could be the one for you.

    Shelley Heath – Find her on PeopleperHour UK


    Shelley is a web designer and also a content writer on PeopleperHour and she has worked on numerous fantastic designs on the site. Her work and her ethic are outstanding and she is certainly one of the hardest working freelancers on the site. She has over 400 reviews and is placed in the top ranking CERT – the PeopleperHour UK algorithm that's used to show how successful a freelancer is based on the rating and the skills of the freelancers as well as the feedback too. Shelley is available for a lot of different projects and if you're looking for someone to truly help with a great eye for detail and a lot of skills, as well as a very amicable and hardworking attitude.

    Kathleen G – Find on People per Hour UK

    Kathleen is a specialist in all things Amazon and among one of the brightest minds on the PeopleperHour site if you’re looking for someone to help out with Amazon related issues. She also works on other e-commerce sites and sponsored advert packages and has a number of highly successful hourlies on People per Hour. It would be well worth talking to her if you are looking for someone to help you with your freelancing efforts in this area.

    Jon Boy W

    If you're looking for help with any sort of illustration or design then Jonboy W is known for his fantastic skills. UK based like everyone else that we've mentioned here, Jonboy is a very skilled PPH'er who has the ability and also the eye to create highly eye catching designs in a very attractive manner. Whether you're looking for a logo, a mascot or otherwise then Jonboy has the abilities and skills to deliver on time each and every time. A great member of the community.

    Katie Y

    Katie Y is a social media marketing specialist and one of the best people at this great marketing discipline on UK. She offers a whole host of different sorts of social media skills and covers a whole variety of different platforms to ensure that anyone using social media is getting the very most possible from it. As you can see from her portfolio she has worked for a whole host and variety of different campaigns with a host of different people in the fields. She has 99% from over 300 reviews and if you’re looking for someone to help you with social media is worth a contact.

    Lisa B


    Lisa provides a whole array of different business services and is also well worth a look if you’re trying to find someone on people per hour to help you with anything from typing to other forms of organisation. She is an expert in this area and also very friendly. She has over 30 years of office experience and is highly skilled in a whole host of programs.

    Steve F


    Steve is a video expert and an audio editor and has been part of the people per hour community from the very start. Steve has worked on a variety of different projects with the people per hour team. He is a well-known face around the Peopleperhour platform and if you’re looking for help with anything to do with your video then he is most likely your man.

    People per hour is a fantastic platform and one of the best for companies or businesses looking for a freelancer in what ever field. As you can see from the aforementioned there are professionals of all sorts on people per hour. So, if you're looking for a professional SEO or link builder then you can find one on the site. So, why not give it a try and check out People per Hour.