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    45 Things To Eat & Drink In The Dominican Republic

    Warning: reading this might induce strong cravings and spontaneous trips to your local Dominican restaurant.

    African, Spanish, Taíno, and Middle Eastern flavors come together to make up traditional Dominican dishes.

    1. Los Tres Golpes

    2. Mangú

    3. Café Santo Domingo

    4. La Bandera

    5. Tostones

    6. Jugo De Chinola

    7. Sancocho

    8. Yuca Encebollada

    9. Dulce De Coco

    10. Batata Frita

    11. Casabe

    12. Quipe

    13. Chenchén

    14. Morir Soñando

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    If you like orange creamsicles, you'll LOVE this! The name of this drink translates to "die dreaming." In other words, it's bliss in a glass.

    15. Mofongo

    16. Moro De Habichuelas

    17. Moro De Guandules

    18. Con-Con

    19. Habichuelas Con Dulce

    20. Pica Pollo

    21. Croquetas

    22. Chimichurri (Chimi)

    23. Refresco De Merengue

    24. Tres Leches

    25. Asopao

    Prefer Seafood? Try shrimp asapao.

    26. Mondongo

    27. Yaniqueques

    28. Pescado Frito

    29. Memelos

    30. Gofio

    31. Batida De Lechoza

    32. Lechón Asado

    33. Flan

    34. Pastelón De Platano Maduro

    35. Locrio

    36. Majarete

    37. Malta

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    38. Pasteles En Hoja

    39. Mamajuana

    40. Galletas Martín (Galletas De Suspiro)

    41. Chivo Guisado

    42. Rum: Brugal & Barceló

    43. Pastelitos

    44. Bacalao Guisado

    45. Presidente