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Happy Customers?

What we can do with nervous customers that affect the life's work of our employees?

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What we can do with nervous customers that affect the life's work of our employees?

It is important to have happy customers but some people are difficult to extract from the shell of their anger.They come unhappy or are such preoccupied of their unfulfillments that seem to be set to annoy anybody.

Imagine that you have an employee that is subjected minimum three time per day to a bad treatment .It's enough to see how some clients are fighting with each other All you have constructed inspiring happiness to him is going to pieces.He becomes disengaged or nervous too,working in stress.It is difficult to transmit to the customer good will and cheerfulness when a customer is blocked in his bad mood.

How can we create a climate of respect between customers and employees from the beginning that sensitize both, trying to inspire affection?

-Surprising clients with gifts for being kind with employees

-Discounts for their smiles

-Declaring a company politics :Making a good deed inside let you be happy outside!

-An inspirational music or slogans.

-Open dialogue

-Changing the behavior with your good example.

Essential is to keep your customers pleased of themselves .Having a happy state they will come back easily to experiment again.

If you succeed to offer to the world in which we live happy customers ,we will also benefit of them becoming best friends,colleagues,brothers, parents and children!

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