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These Cakes Prove That Architecture Dominates This World

The world has not yet got over the mirror cakes and here is another hit into our feelings - out of this world cakes, made (built?) by an architect from Ukraine, Dinara Kasko.

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Okay, so we all love cakes and we all eat cakes, because we are not monsters. But these cakes are just too much for our simple world.

Look at it. So accurate. So...geometric

Instagram: @dinarakasko / Via

The cake that makes all perfectionist dreams come true

Instagram: @dinarakasko / Via

No, it's not a shot from new "Star Wars", it's still a GODDAMN CAKE

Instagram: @dinarakasko / Via

I am so done with the average cakes now

Instagram: @dinarakasko / Via

That's it. I can't handle these cakes anymore

Instagram: @dinarakasko / Via
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