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    Stress Reducing Travel Hacks

    There are several things that you can do to make sure you're on the right track for a fun and relaxing vacation. Here are some of my favorite travel hacks.

    Taking a vacation is something most people look forward to for many months before it occurs. This said, the vacation planning process and getting to our destination can quickly become more work than fun if we are not prepared.

    Start Saving

    One of the most stressful parts of going on vacation is worrying about the expense and if we will have enough to do everything that we want. I avoid this problem by starting a savings account for vacation. You can even send a portion of your pay check directly to this account if you use direct deposit for your pay. Any extra money that you get that is unexpected can also go into this account.

    Plan Ahead

    Making sure that we are enjoying our vacation is important. Choose a hotel and transportation early on to take advantage of any early booking deals as well as to relieve the stress of not having everything planned before hand. This also gives me some time to make sure I am getting the best accommodations possible.

    Pack Early And Light

    Packing my bags well in advance of my trip allows me to avoid the last minute panic of getting ready to go. It also means I am more likely to pack just the right items and not over pack. You are not likely to need a dress or suit every night of your vacation. Start parking early so that you are only taking the things you need with you. This also means less chance you are going to go over on the luggage restrictions on the airline.

    Prepare For The Journey

    Don't rely on the airlines to give you everything that you need. Take a few items you or your family might want with you. I like to travel with my own headphones, entertainment and even snacks if possible. This means spending less money on these items along the way and not being worried about not finding what you need.

    You can enjoy your vacation without having to stress over the entire process. When the time to leave comes it is vital that you are able to simply enjoy the ride knowing that you have everything set to go and paid for. Get out there and relax on your next vacation!

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