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7 Reasons To Go Watch "Ender's Game"

Set to release on November 1st this year, Ender's Game will and should be on your "movies-to-watch" list for this Winter. Here's why.

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7. Colonel Hyrum Graff vs. (kinda) Andrew "Ender" Wiggin / Via

Harrison Ford, the domineering colonel who will be bossing Asa Butterfield into shape in Battle School, but also has a soft side who can see the potential in the young protagonist. It looks like it'll be tough love for young Ender.

5. Andrew "Ender" Wiggin / Via

Asa Butterfield, from his break-through role as an orphaned-train-station-clock-maintenance-pseudo-employee in, Hugo, to the leading role in, Ender's Game, we'll see how much he has matured over the years.

4. Mazer Rackham / Via

Ben Kingsley, the Oscar winner (Ghandi) will be playing a war veteran who has experienced, and will most likely be the "Oracle" of the movie, in which, he'll know exactly what to do next in every predicament. He'll also be the academic-mentor figure to Ender in Command School.

3. Colonel Hyrum Graff / Via

Harrison Ford, who'll be playing a strict father figure-like character from Battle School who has high hopes for Ender as THE person that will save it all. Also, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Cowboys & Aliens.

2. Petra Arkanian / Via

Hailee Steinfeld, the Oscar nominee for her cunning role in, True Grit, will be playing Ender's friend/love interest (hmm, yeah, YEAH...maybe) in the training academy. She'll also be the supporting actress for Asa.

1. Valentine Wiggin / Via

Abigail Breslin, the shiny little star from, Little Miss Sunshine, will be playing Ender's sister. Aaand the best reason to watch, Ender's Game, is of course Abigail Breslin. I'm curious to see how she has developed as an actress and will have high hopes for her in this movie.

No matter what the reasons are, either Harrison Ford or Hailee Steinfeld, I have high hopes for this action/sci-fi thriller. With such a powerful roster of actors and actresses, I don't see this movie going below a rating of 7.2 on IMDb.

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