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    30 Teens From Around The World Bike 3000 Miles Across The US. Here’s Why.

    Yes, that’s right. They are biking 3000 miles--for one extraordinary purpose.

    Laura Seltz / Via

    On June 1, a group of 30 teenagers calling themselves Global Youth Ambassadors came together from 16 countries around the globe for a biking journey from LA to NYC.

    Through this biking project titled Ride 2 Freedom, they aim to spread awareness about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China and ultimately rescue 5 children tragically orphaned because of it.

    Young Cyclists Ride Across the Country to Rescue Orphans #ride2freedom

    Falun Gong is a spiritual practice combining slow, gentle exercises and meditation with moral teachings based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

    Edward Dai / Via

    One of the riders, Jasmina Davis, peacefully meditates in a park.

    It became enormously popular in China before the Chinese Communist Party initiated a brutal crackdown on the practice in 1999. In the past 16 years, thousands of innocent Falun Gong practitioners have been jailed, tortured, brainwashed, and even killed for their beliefs. Even more gruesome and atrocious is the government's support of live organ transplants. Doctors, under the orders of the Chinese Communist Party, harvest the organs of living Falun Dafa practitioners to give to unsuspecting patients.

    Lei Chen / Via

    Perhaps the most vulnerable and most overlooked victims of this genocide are the children. Their parents are stolen from them, and they are left tragically alone and neglected. Feeling compassion for these young victims, the teenagers in the Ride 2 Freedom project decided to take matters into their own hands. They hope their journey will help bring this tragedy to light, open up the floodgates for more rescue missions, and ultimately end the persecution altogether.

    Lei Chen / Via

    So who are the riders and why did they join?

    The riders pose with their flags in front of The Capital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    They created an inspiring video to tell people about their purpose.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    The link is here.

    Here's a look at the route of their journey.

    Keith Ware / Via

    After biking across the United States, the Youth Ambassadors will speak to the U.S. Congress in DC, and then they will bike onwards to NYC to speak before the UN General Assembly. From there, a few of the Youth Ambassadors will get on a plane to Beijing to rescue the 5 orphans and bring them safely to the United States.

    Their trip is not without obstacles (literally). Here's a bike crash caught on video.

    Facebook: video.php

    And they have shown extraordinary dedication.

    Facebook: ride2freedom2015
    Laura Seitz / Via

    Show your support with a selfie with the hashtag #ride2freedom for their selfie campaign!

    officialride2freedom / Via

    You can follow their biking adventures at their website here and check out their Facebook page. They just passed Salt Lake City on the 11th, and they will reach Denver on the 19th. Maybe they will pass by you!

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