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    17 Things You Have To Understand About Living With Anxiety

    NEVER tell them that you two need to talk about something at the end of the day. NEVER.

    1. When an anxious person says that they never stop thinking about something, believe them.

    2. Anxious people are always experiencing some degree of physical pain.

    3. Beyond constantly dealing with these discomforts, the anxious individual also fears that they will get worse, like a panic attack.

    4. "You need to find something that makes you relax" is one of the worst things that you can say to an anxious person.

    5. "We need to talk about some important things at the end of the day" is an equally despairing statement.

    6. Fatigue is a constant factor in the lives of the anxious.

    7. The sleep of an anxious person is practically an earthquake.

    8. Anxious people are absurdly critical of others, but they are 10 times more critical of themselves.

    9. Anxious people usually get anxious about their own anxiety (which is quite crazy).

    10. It can be very difficult for you to be demanding with an anxious person, but it is a thousand times more difficult for them to be on the receiving end of your demands.

    11. Whatever you do, don't say "You need to learn to live in the moment."

    12. Anxious people are divided into two major groups: the hyperactive and the very hampered.

    13. Congratulating someone for being able to accomplish a variety of tasks is not necessarily a compliment.

    14. "Could you please stop and pay attention?" is equally as uncomfortable for an anxious person to hear.

    15. Decision-making, even if it is about small things, can be quite painful.

    16. The best way to help an anxious friend is by making discrete suggestions.

    17. Anxiety is neither fussiness nor a characteristic of an overactive generation.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.